How to make more subscribers VKontakte? more pages or group VKontakte has subscribers or participants, the more it is trusted by end users of this social network and the more benefits will this page or group site promotion.Today, a variety of popular programs VKontakte , free renewable developers that allow massively increase the number of group members and subscribers of pages.One such program is the Viking Inviter Plus.

Viking Inviter Plus - is a program that allows you to "make" VKontakte more subscribers in a short time.The program was developed by the same studio that created Botovod Viking (Viking Studio), and has almost the same features as the Viking Botovod.But unlike the latter, Viking Inviter Plus is aimed at a "mass" mode, and when working with them without a proxy and do not antikapchu.

Viking Inviter Plus allows you to invite a group of participants on behalf of the administrators of these groups , and on behalf of all accounts.Thus for invitation may apply different criteria.Available when working with the program Viking

Inviter Plus also inviting friends all accounts, which is associated with Viking Inviter Plus, but in this case the criteria for selection are not available.

Cheat subscribers VKontakte using Viking Inviter Plus runs incomparably easier and faster than manually wrapping.The program Viking Inviter Plus there are a lot of advantages.

example, one of the major advantages is the convenience of .With the integrated scheduler and manager of the group can easily perform management tasks Viking Inviter Plus, and the high speed of the program contributes to quick cheat subscribers VKontakte.

How to make more subscribers VKontakte?

Another advantage - ease of management .For the user, the program is available for convenient statistics, diagnostics invitation process, input captures through resulting questions can be asked in the chat for all users of the program.

program interface for contact Viking Inviter Plus is very simple and straightforward, but because there is no problem for those who want to download VKontakte Viking Inviter Plus and use it to make more subscribers VKontakte .

How to make more subscribers VKontakte?

So, for example, to enable the "Exchange likes" enough on the "Exchange" to put appropriate checkbox and specify the address of the page you want.And do cheat, you can also likes the widget, which should provide a link to the site and widget ID.

Cheat subscribers VKontakte also performed easily using Viking Inviter Plus.On the same tab "Sharing" just need to tick the item "including the exchange entered into:" and then choose from the drop-down list an option: group meeting, the application or the public page.

Like the Viking program Botovod, in Viking Inviter Plus is available standalone mode .This means that you just start up your computer to Viking Inviter Plus began to perform tasks on promotion.This will not spend extra time to work on the promotion of the group or page, and take more appropriate actions.

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How to make more subscribers VKontakte?