Fungus in the bathroom fungus in the bathroom is a very serious problem that has faced a lot of people.And the worst part is that the mold is not only spoils the appearance of the room, it also brings harm to health.Protect yourself and your family from the mold in the bathroom.

mold or fungus develops only in a suitable environment for her .Ideally - is + 20 ° C and humidity 95%.Such conditions are created in wet areas.In homes such places often become glazed balconies and bathrooms, where high humidity promotes the growth of mold.

For starters, let's see, origin of the mold in the bathroom .Tiny spores of the fungus in contact with raw surface begin to germinate.Mold can grow not only on wet wood, but also in stone and concrete.The main thing - this is the optimal humidity and temperature.On a small black spot for a long time you can not pay any attention, but over time, mold will grow and will very quickly settle in other parts of the walls.

worst that black mold in the bathroom is a threat to your health .When ingested fungus spores cause various diseases.Most often it is allergic skin diseases (dermatoses and fungal infections), dizziness, and loss of the respiratory tract, including a cough and runny nose.Due to the constant exposure to fungal spores on the body a person can even develop asthma.I agree that it's not very nice.Also because of the fungal spores many suffer because of problems with joints.

fungus in the bathroom is very difficult to withdraw.After all, for the beginning should get rid of the coating on the walls, which settled mold .Whether it's a wallpaper or plaster, but you should definitely remove the coating.The second step to getting rid of mold in the bathroom wall is drying.But the difficulty lies in the fact that the fungus can move from place to place.Therefore, a certain area of ​​the drying wall will not help you.You will have to completely dry the wall.Warms up the entire surface of the wall it will be very difficult, but possible.

In addition, you should also take advantage of modern special preparations that will help you get rid of mold in the bathroom .But in any case, you have to dry the room, otherwise the mold will grow again on wet surfaces.

fungus in the bathroom is very difficult to deduce, therefore better to prevent its occurrence .If you follow the basic rules of the content of dry areas, you can prevent the development of mold.

What increases the humidity in the bathroom?The most common cause of moisture becomes insufficient ventilation room .Check the hood in the bathroom, well she copes with its task?Also notice the crack under the door, through her bathroom comes dry air.If the hood is in the bathroom can not cope with its function, we can recommend to ventilate the room more often.

should also pay attention to any leakage of pipes or the appearance of condensation on them .Even small leaks can enhance indoor humidity.To the fungus in the bathroom did not appear again, to repair all pipes.They should be dry, and should never be water leaks.

cope with the problem of mold in the bathroom towel rail will also help you .It not only heats the bathroom, but also dries the air.Working towel dryer will not allow the fungus to grow in the bathroom.But turning off the hot water it stops working, so the fungus in the bathroom may reappear.To avoid this, do not forget to regularly ventilate the room, or put to the heater, which is dry air.

If you follow all the above rules, the fungus in the bathroom will not bother you more. Try to always maintain the optimum is for people's lives, not mold, humidity (70-80%), and then you will forget about this unpleasant issue.

Fungus in the bathroom