The food in the pots: the subtleties of cooking preparation of various dishes in clay pots in the oven has become increasingly popular, because the food in the pot - very juicy, aromatic, with a rich flavor.But cooking in the pot has its own quirks, and which will tell the Soviet Union.

pot can cook any dish: meat, fish, vegetables, soups, cereals ... Very good cooking in the pot stews, which are something between a proper soup and second dish of meat, for example, goulash. Food is not cooked in the pot, stewed or baked, rather languishing , so the products have time to soak his same juice, and the finished dish has a rich taste and aroma.

food in pots preparing special rules you need to know if you want your dish turned out so, as needed. Different products have different cooking times , so if you put them together in a pot, some part of your meals or seethe or be half-baked.There are several ways to avoid this.

you can just lay on the stage of the products at different times.But it is not very convenient if you are cooking in a pot under the lid

of the test.The second option - fry or stew until half of the products before placing in pot , so often come with the meat.Finally, you can go to the trick.For example, meat and vegetables can not extinguish with water or broth, and tomato juice.The information contained in the juice of acid accelerates the cooking of meat, but slow cooking vegetables.

way, lot of liquid when cooking in pots do not add .The whole point is that the food is cooked in its own juice.If you cook the soup or stew, where the liquid is added to be sure, never pour the broth or water to the brim, while cooking liquid can "get away".Also, do not use too much when cooking oil or fat, you can even cut the meat with excess fat - it will still juicy.

Food is prepared in pots under cover .This may be a standard earthenware pot cap, foil or lid of the test.Cover dough looks original, in addition to such dishes do not need to submit the bread - performs its function just the same, this is the cover.Do it from yeast or unleavened dough, and that it is better to keep the edges of the neck pot smeared with beaten egg.

can, for example, to prepare for the covers from the simple unleavened dough 3 tbsp.flour, 1 tbsp.water, one egg and salt.And you can make the dough into 1 tablespoon of yogurt.yogurt, 100 g of margarine, 1 egg, 0.5 hr. l.sugar, 0.5 hours. l.soda and salt to taste.Suffering in this case, you need to add as much to get the test, as the dumplings. cover dough pots served immediately, but half an hour before end of cooking , up to this point the food in the pot to prepare the usual clay cover.

to food in pots turned out more juicy, recommend an hour or even fifteen minutes to hold clay pots in water (if they are not treated within the glaze).Glazed pots for cooking in the oven is better not to use.If you are not soaked pots, be sure to rinse before cooking water.

Clay pot never put in the preheated oven, only cold or slightly warm, and the temperature was raised gradually .After removing the pot from the oven, you can not just put it on a wet or cold surface, you must first give it to cool slightly on a cutting board or a special wooden stand.On the stove, the food is not cooked in the pot, only in the oven or in the Russian stove.

pots are not advised to wash with detergent or soap , because they are absorbed into the pores of the clay and the clay on the next occasion to "give" them in a dish.Wash the pot should be using hot water and a stiff brush if not washed - Fill the pot with water and 1-4 Art.l.soda and leave overnight.Wash the pots in the dishwasher can not.Before you remove the pot for storage, allow it to dry completely.

food in pots is very simple to prepare, but incredibly tasty and flavorful.Just try it once to cook soup or meat in a pot, and we are confident - cooking a variety of dishes in pots will be in your home a good tradition.

The food in the pots: the subtleties of cooking