How to cook up his sleeve Perhaps every woman wants it cooked meals were delicious, fragrant, juicy but not too fatty and unhealthy.There are several ways to get juicy and fragrant dish made with a minimum of fat, one of them - baking sleeve. How to cook up his sleeve ?

Sleeve for baking is a long and dense refractory plastic bag.It stacked products, the sleeve is fastened, after which it is possible to cook food in an oven or in a microwave oven.Cooking in the sleeve can (and should) without fat: food cooked in its own juices, which holds the sleeve.As a result, the food turns juicy, delicious and fragrant, but more useful.

cooking in the sleeve can be virtually anything : poultry, meat, fish, vegetables.The advantage is that you can simultaneously cook and dish, and garnish.For example, baked meat with potatoes: potatoes soaked in the preparation of juice from the meat, and will be more fragrant.

In principle, a similar effect can be achieved and if baked in a foil dish.But many housewives prefer to cook up his sleeve beca

use compared with the foil at the sleeve has several advantages .Firstly, it is strong and tight than the foil, so there is less likelihood that spilled juice.Second, the sleeve is transparent, so it is easier to estimate the degree of readiness to face dishes.In addition, when baked in a sleeve eliminates the need to wash the oven and baking.

If you have decided to try to cook up your sleeve, you need to know a few things.Sleeve for baking are usually sold in stores at the same place and the food film, and foil cooking parchment.Sleeve for baking is usually quite impressive length (about three meters), so for cooking you will need to cut off a piece of the desired length (guided by the amount of product, do not forget to add 10 cm on each side for tying the sleeves).

After preparation (pickling, spices and so on. N.) Products sufficiently tightly fit into the sleeve.The ends of the sleeves are fastened by means of wire (usually sold together with sleeve) or special fire-resistant fasteners (clips).If there is no wire or clips, you can seal the thread or stapler or just tie a knot.Secure tightly need to while cooking not emerged juice , otherwise it makes no sense to cook up his sleeve.

can first tie arm with one hand, put him food, and then fasten the other end - many people find this method convenient.If you need to marinate the meat before cooking, can marinate it right into the sleeve , and then it is to prepare and (if the marinade is not too runny and not too much).

top in the sleeve is required to make a few punctures : when cooking will form pairs and if he will have nowhere to go, the sleeve can simply break.The tube is then placed on a baking sheet in the oven - preferably in preheated.Before heating the oven, look at the packaging, which can withstand the maximum temperature of the sleeve (usually it is 230 degrees).

Note that if the sleeve is tightly closed, the finished dish will be without browning.If you absolutely need a crust, 10-15 minutes before end of cooking to be cut sleeve : browned meat will have time, but do not lose the juice.So the finished dish will simultaneously juicy and crispy.

way, cooking up his sleeve for baking - is not the only way to cook in the oven fragrant and juicy dish.You can still use clay pots.The difference is that a sleeve plate is baked, and in the pot - languishes respectively different taste is obtained.Therefore, depending on what you want to achieve results, can be prepared in the sleeve or in pots.Try - and your culinary experiments will certainly be successful!

How to cook up his sleeve