How to get to work after the holidays After the Christmas holidays can be very difficult to go back to the usual working rhythm.But no other way out - the holidays are over, began routine, and you somehow have to live with it. How to get to work after the holidays?

course, immediately get to work in the same pace you are unlikely to come - the time needed for the excitation of all. So the first few days, try not to judge yourself for what does not work as efficiently as before .Do not customize themselves - are unlikely from this you will work much more productive, more errors are done.The working track You must be smooth and even earn a stress due to the rapid changes of rhythm activities.

Start the first working day after the holidays with a clean workplace : bring everything in order, throw out all unnecessary.Sort the files on your computer and e-mail.Finally, you can create a work plan for the next week - just do not plan, maximum, and feasible, so as not to become discouraged by the fact that no deal.

But it is not too relaxing.If

you are unable to enter the former rhythm for three to five days, I have to force myself to work.Lingering relaxed state risks a habit - you are not going to try to get to work properly.The outcome may be the dismissal: the bosses you prefer someone more productive.

Some do the first business day of tedious, monotonous work, which had not previously was neither the time nor the desire .This work, first of all, not too load and makes the brain immediately after the holidays intensely about something to think about.And secondly, after the date of such boring work normally want to do something interesting, and for the second time manages to get to work with onetime enthusiasm.

Some helps to start work after the holidays "shock therapy┬╗ : for the first time try to miss a couple of hours, then sit down instead of working drink coffee and after coffee it is necessary to potorchat in the smoking room and discuss with colleagues the latest news - you domany have not seen!This was probably followed by a reprimand from his superiors, which probably will sober you have thoughts and get to work with unprecedented fervor.

But do not try to rotate the trick if you are not sure that it will limit itself to a reprimand. According to statistics, the highest number of layoffs is planned just after the holidays and vacations .The authorities in fact only after the holidays too, so do not annoy him unnecessarily, and may be fired.And well, if offered leave of their own accord or agreement of the parties, and may in fact, and for failing to have "leave."

Unwillingness to work is associated with a purely physiological causes : overeating, alcohol and lack of sleep (not all manage to get enough sleep during the holidays) naturally lead to poor health.It's not something that the work - not really want to live.Many in this case, hoping that they get to work to help the good old coffee.That's just from it can only be worse, especially if the work you do not have a coffee machine, and you drink instant coffee.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, and a loading dose of caffeine, entering the dehydrated organism can cause tachycardia.The efficiency of your on this is clearly not increase.Therefore, coming to work, first drink a glass of water (can be mineral, but no gas), and then - a cup of green or herbal tea .This should help a lot better than coffee.A bite on the best bananas, chocolate and nuts (but without the salt and additives): These products are not only nutritious, they also elevate mood.

Well, try to return to the previous track your daily routine (preferably, of course, start doing it before leaving for work).Go to bed early, start the morning with a jog or charging, and an invigorating shower, try a little more walking and breathing fresh air. Tips banal but effective: our performance depends on our being .

start to work after the Christmas holidays, of course, difficult, but realistic. main thing - do not get hung up on the fact that the holidays are over, and the joy of life left .You will still be ahead of holidays and vacations, and now try to find the positive aspects of their work - and they certainly are - and do it with pleasure.

How to get to work after the holidays