A raise: How not to ask for? pay raises - the phenomenon of the worker is always welcome.However, in his desire to make more money for the work of some employees come lightly, what then may bitterly regret it.How not to ask for a raise, you tell the Soviet Union.

According to sociological studies and surveys, current workers prefer not to wait until the management notice of their labor zeal and success, and independently ask for higher wages.For example, according to superjob.ru, one of the most popular portals on the work, about 50% of Russian citizens at least once appealed to the authorities for the addition .Moreover, almost one-third of those who asked for a raise, it did not receive.

a raise - it is not "charity" or "charity." leaders believe that the pay rise must necessarily deserve , demonstrating in practice, not in words, why a particular employee is worthy of wage increases.

For example, reason for an increase to the salary of the head called the increased workload , performed by an employee as defined contributi

on employee to the company and contribute to its development, expanding the zone of responsibility of the employee.

But asking for a raise, arguing his request personal circumstances, an increase in prices or inflation, it is not necessary .Argue their demands for pay raises and salary data of other employees also should not be.These arguments are not convincing for executives and asking will likely wait for a hard failure.

their achievements and successes should be supported by real data , asking for a raise is not necessary to "fuzzy" formulations such as "the result of my actions the department has increased the performance of all": the specific data, the more likely that the increase in pay is the bossapproved.

big mistake when discussing salary increment many leaders called setting ultimatums : employee threatens to resign if you do not receive a salary increase.In such cases, the result is usually sad for the employee.If even a salary increase in this way has been obtained, it may still remain negative "pellet", which soured relations between the employee and supervisor.

asking for a raise not need to curry favor with a pitying tone notes .If the real reason for getting a raise is, then you need to calm the business tone to explain the essence of its request, describing the reasons.Some managers attempt to "put pressure on the pity" annoying, and the staff even really deserved raise, may not encourage, and even punished.

pay raises may well remain a dream, if you ask her leadership is not the best appointed hour.So, according to statistics, most unsuccessful period for requests for salary increase, leaders called rush jobs , deadlines, days of the issuance of wages, corporate.

a raise should have a specific size, otherwise all talk about it, in general, it is meaningless. Do not ask for an increase , not knowing exactly what the amount should be mentioned: it is best to prepare in advance, to collect information on the average wage appropriate expertise.

A raise: How not to ask for?