How do I get myself to work? Probably each of us at least once in his life happened in the morning off the mood, when to do it well, do not want to.However, the task for the day to perform necessary, but by itself will not do the work. How to make yourself work , if not desirable, but necessary?

reasons unwillingness to work can, of course, different, but most common reason - the fatigue is .Very often it "rolls" in the winter when daylight is short, the window all gray, and the body lacks vitamins.Hard to force yourself to work after the holidays or vacations - it is impossible to enter into a working rhythm.So how to get yourself to work, despite the weather outside the window?

Often our problem is that we are going to work in a state of « raise - raise and awaken forgotten ».We're going, half-closed his eyes and bumping into furniture, klyuem nose in transport and in the workplace can not recover without a cup of coffee.As a result, the beginning of the working day is prolonged, and it becomes difficult to put into operation.

In this case you should think of yourself morning "ritual of awakening» .For some, this may be a shower gel with citrus.Or a morning cup of coffee "on tap" on the way to work.If weather and time permit, in the morning you can walk to, say, take the bus no near his home, and walk one or two stops.In general, any little thing that will help you to wake up and recharge your good mood for the whole day.

helps a lot to tune in a working mood music .First, it isolates you from outside distractions.Second, the music like "fills" the head, leaving no room for other thoughts.Finally, the favorite song is uplifting and musical rhythm sets the pace of work.But listen to the music, of course, you need headphones that do not interfere with colleagues.If the music works the other way around, knocking you, try instead the sounds of nature.

Some helps bring himself to work and negative motivation .For example, sports rage: the desire to be first, best, beat the competition.But it is better if it will be competitors from other firms, and not your own colleagues.With them you are on one side, it is not necessary to spoil relations for the sake of working motivation.Spurred may fear dismissal, especially in time of crisis: many people have no place to work, so that prolonged inactivity your site may take someone else.

can try to make a motivational poster and hang it on the monitor or in any other place where you will constantly come across at him.It can be anything you inspiring picture or phrase.You can hang a picture the place where you want to visit for a long time.Then you will be working to help the realization that you do not work just like that, your goal - to earn money for the trip of your dreams.

Generally, thoughts on the promotion can be a good motivation (unless really encouraging vosposleduet).As an incentive bonuses can act on the employer for good work.If the bonus from your employer will not wait, invent currently promoting themselves.Of course, the bonus material should not be abused, and that you have the entire salary goes to the motivation, but the thought of fragrant foam bath after a hard day's work can be a good incentive.

Sometimes it is impossible to force yourself to work because you do not know what to grab.In this case, try to plan things day (pre-evening or in the morning, coming to work for that same morning cup of coffee).Usually advised to perform the most important things in the first place, that they are guaranteed to be made and hung "a heavy burden" all day.In addition, during the second half of the day care and performance tend to deteriorate, so it is best to leave this time things easier.

And at the end of the day necessarily summarize and make a list of what you were able to do for the day.Awareness of their own success - a good incentive, and the next day you want to recruit, knowing that "there is life in the old dog" that you can accomplish a lot if you put some effort.Of course, we should not overestimate their achievements, but success inspires. Do not be afraid to praise themselves for their own success - sometimes you have to wait a long time until you praise someone else.Let achievement seems very little, but it still says that you do not work for nothing.

Finally, thinking about how to get yourself to work, never use the word "force". Think in a positive way, not a negative, because negative attitude only reduces the desire to work .

How do I get myself to work?