Agents of influence - what profession? Currently rise in popularity of its products among Internet users are concerned about very many companies, both large and small.Not surprisingly, there were even experts whose task is just part of "promotion" of products and services on the Internet.These professionals - agents of influence .

Although global computer network appeared only a few decades ago, but, in general, agents of influence - the profession is not new.At all times there high demand for people who have influenced on the opinions of others.And at all times, such people are.

previously called agents of influence persons who take advantage of greater authority and trust in society, have been working to improve the impact of policies of a foreign state on the internal processes in the country.Such called "mishandled Cossack girls".Today term "agents of influence" is usually applied to Internet professionals , which in forums and blogs, social networks and communities is hidden (and sometimes openly) advertise certain goods and ser


essence of the agents of influence is as follows.By order of the advertiser agent of influence "is being implemented" on various thematic Internet resources and there, "disguised" as a normal user, advertises goods and services of the advertiser.And as a secret agent of influence as much as possible similar to the simple user, and advertising it does not look proper advertising, but rather perceived as a personal experience and personal opinion.If secret agent of influence as user managed to earn the trust, then to him the other users listen.

often at the same forum, or in the same group in the social network is several agents of influence : they skillfully "draw" the other users in the discussion and heated debate over whether this or that product.In this way, the information "noise" around the advertised product can be even more important than extolling the remarkable characteristics of this product: users are interested to know what this is so actively debated the others.

Currently job agents of influence found on many popular online resource for employment.Applicants are presented is not very demanding, and often indicates that the work can be carried out remotely, t. E., Without the obligatory presence in the office.But in fact, the profession of agent of influence is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Being average user forum or a social network, recognizing his authority in a variety of areas of expertise is difficult to achieve. need good communication skills on various topics and subtle psychological instinct to truly become the agent of influence, whose opinion will be listened to.

Today some leading HR-managers believe that agents of influence - a hopeless occupation, because hidden marketing is gradually dying away his own.But the agents of influence can act not only secretly but "in the open", because the company's presence in the Internet environment is considered good form.

Modern companies are creating their own branded page in social networks, are corporate blogs. Employees who are communicating with hosts and blogging companies, provide answers to your questions, quickly react to the criticisms - it is also, to a certain extent, influence agents.The use of agents of influence gives companies the opportunity to be "closer" to its potential customers.

Agents of influence - what profession?