Hairstyle shell

Hairstyle shell - a classic example of women's styling, which from season to season does not lose relevance.At the time, it created a furor among women, and since then nearly goes out of fashion.This love of the beautiful half of humanity to this uncomplicated hairstyle can be explained by the fact that the shell - versatile styling that does not require special skills of hairdressers.In addition to lay hair thus need no more than 5-10 minutes, cool to save time, especially in the morning before going to work.And if you show a little imagination and add beautiful accessories will shell hairstyle Great evening or wedding styling.I think you have appreciated all the advantages of this hairstyle, and therefore certainly want to try to do it by hand.We hope that our advice, as well as photos and videos with step by step instructions to help you quickly and easily learn this versatile styling.

How to make the most shell hairstyle for medium hair

hair of medium length - perfect base for installation in

the form of shells.Ideally, hair should be the same length as in the cascade haircuts shell get a bit disheveled, and you can not achieve a smooth installation.While many stylists in the new year promoting negligence in hairstyles and such a "sloppy" styling can play in your favor.

So to make the classic shell on medium hair with your hands, you will need a comb, nail polish, invisible.If you have wavy hair, then they must be straighten ceramic utjuzhkom.

Hairstyle shell

  1. Wash your hair and dry them with a hair dryer, using stacking mousse or foam.Hair should be slightly damp, as completely dry harder to fix.
  2. zacheshite all the hair on one side.Fix them invisible from below.
  3. Screw them in a tight harness upwards.
  4. tips hide under the resultant shell hairstyle and fix remaining invisible.
  5. Sprinkle varnish - ready!

Hairstyle shell

How to make a shell hairstyle on long hair with his hands

processing technique long hair in the shell is almost the same as styling hair of medium length.The only distinguishing point - long hair need to tighten the harness is not in the direction of upward and to the side.For example, if you combed your hair to the left and set them invisible, it is necessary to tighten the harness right, and vice versa.Another important thing - long hair must be sure to use styling products strong hold, or under the weight of their shell crumble.

beautiful shell for the New Year: How to decorate shell hairstyle

Hairstyle shell

Shell is not only comfortable casual hairstyle, but also a great option festive styling.To turn an ordinary evening in shell hairstyle need to use additional accessories: tiara, sparkly barrettes, hairpins with rhinestones.For example, for the New Year hairstyle can decorate a small Christmas tree branch.To do this, prepare in advance a small twig of equal length shell.To fix it, you can use the same pins or invisible.Also, for the image of the New Year date will be laying shell decorated with pearl beads or sequins, pins in the form of snowflakes, clamps with decorative stones.