Staining technique balayazh Modern hair coloring techniques are very diverse, they help to achieve a variety of effects, and the effect on the hair at the same time quite gentle.One of these techniques, suitable for those who do not want to radically change the color of the hair, called balayazh .

Despite the exotic name, the technique balayazh daunting and there is nothing unusual. Balayazh - a type of dyeing, coloring (usually lighting) the ends .The paint is applied to the individual strands away from the roots.Hair dyed in the art balayazh look naturally and naturally.

Staining balayazh for those who want to change your hairstyle, but it is not ready to radically change hair color and tint regularly roots.When painting technique balayazh paint is applied to the roots, which means that hair will continue to look natural and well-groomed, even grow .You will not need to go often to the hairdresser to refresh the color, it will be enough only a few times a year.How do

staining balayazh?To begin the hair should be divided into

small strands with a square base and tie rubber bands.Then, on the ends of her hair is applied Blondirujushchy composition, so as to avoid staining area near the roots.Sometimes the ends of her hair wrapped in foil further.This method is used to elongated and medium length hairstyles .

to dye short hair technique balayazh, tease them over the head so that the ends of her hair sticking up, and divided into equal strands.Tease need much to hair does not fall down under the weight of the dye.Soft hair can be secured with varnish.Then, on the tips of the strands using the foil is applied dye (Blondirujushchy composition).

If you want to paint in the art balayazh long hair , the master simply causes the dye with a brush or fingers.Thus, under the painted hair ends enclose foil, dividing them into strands.The same method is suitable for cuts with precise contours .

When painting hair perm master divides into small strands of hair with a square base, and then turns each strand in a flat curl and clamps the terminal.At the same time the hair ends are "free" to them and applied Blondirujushchy composition.

Through a smooth transition of color after dyeing your hair will look natural.Note, however, that staining balayazh not too looks good on straight long hair : despite all the efforts the master, the boundary between colored and non-colored hair can be too clear and the impression regrowth.

For this reason, the effect of staining balayazh desirable to enhance appropriate haircut .For long and medium hair haircut suits ladder (cascade), for short - a bob or graduated bob.Also balayazh effectively looks wavy hair.

staining technique balayazh not too complicated, you can try to paint the hair in this technique at home.However, it is desirable to first painting is still done in the barber shop to see how the procedure is carried out, and only then to experiment at home.By the way, note that balayazh staining performed on unwashed greasy hair .

It is very important to choose the right level of light or color of hair dye , to avoid too much color contrast: a very dark roots, combined with very light tips give effect regrowth, which should be avoided.It is advisable to shade the roots and tips are not very different, then the hair will look natural and beautiful sparkle.

Technique balayazh - relatively simple, but very effective method of dyeing hair, which will refresh your image, to avoid too drastic changes.

Staining technique balayazh