How to calibrate your monitor Monitor calibration is needed in order to display the display colors more naturally.In this article we will tell, how to calibrate the display and what software you will need for this.

reason to conduct such a procedure is that to display a particular color computer uses a numeric code .Of course, different monitors can display the color set with the same code in different ways.To avoid this, you need to properly calibrate your monitor.

Note that calibration is of two types: hardware and software .In order to perform a hardware calibration, you will need to buy a special device that connects to USB-port of the computer and software.This type of calibration has a lot of positives.Firstly, the procedure is performed automatically, and secondly, the calibration accuracy is very high.Should such a device about $ 200.

dwell on that, how to calibrate the monitor with your own eyes, and special programs .This method does not require any expenditure.As for the software, you can use the application Samsung Natural Color Pro or Atrise Litcurve .

The simplest program is considered Natural Color Pro .It is free, and its distribution can be easily found and downloaded from the Internet.Before starting calibration wipe the monitor from dust , clean bright wallpaper on your desktop and put some classic theme in shades of gray.Also on the screen should not get any glare reflection windows and so on.However calibration should be performed when the lighting in the room in which you usually work .

After installing the program, run it.A dialog box appears in which you select the calibration mode (basic or advanced).Select the main ( «Basic Mode» ).Next, you will need to choose the type of monitor.This can be either a liquid crystal LCD , or monitor using a cathode ray tube CRT .

Consider setting LCD-monitor , because these devices now enjoy the greatest popularity.First you get a color image, looking at that, you need to adjust the brightness of the monitor so that the picture has become the most optimal.

Next will be displayed three figures composed of four laps.It is necessary to set the contrast on the screen at maximum brightness and - to a minimum.Now gradually increase the brightness up until four laps in each of the figures will not be distinguishable .

next step is the adjustment of color reproduction.There are three squares shown under each of them will be in the slider. Move it so as to achieve uniform (monochrome) painting .The first three of the squares should be red, the second - green, and the third - the blue.

Then need to choose the conditions under which the monitor will be used : home or office.Then choose the type of light source in the room: incandescent, fluorescent lamps or natural light.Now we should determine the level of ambient lighting .You must select one of the five points (very strong, strong, medium, low, very low).Last appeared window displays a list of all the changes.Click «Save» to complete the calibration.

Finally it is worth noting that in this program there is one more feature color settings .It is necessary to edit the colors of a displayed screen.

How to calibrate your monitor