How to transfer files from your computer It is often necessary to copy a sort some information from one computer to another or to a mobile device.In this article we will tell, how to transfer files from your computer .

If you go to exchange information between the two desktop computers, there are several options, but the most logical one is creating a network between these devices .To connect the two computers do not have to use wires.You can purchase two adapters Wi-Fi and use them to take advantage of wireless transmission channel.

adapters can be connected to the USB-connectors or slots PCI .You will also need to install the drivers for these devices, which are generally supplied with Wi-Fi-adapters on separate disks.After installing the necessary software on the first computer, create a wireless local area network.To do so, «My Network Places» and select «Manage wireless networks» .

Then click «Add» and select «Create hoc network» .Then click on the button «Next» .Now through «Control Panel» log into «Network» , where, by positioning the cursor on the component TCP / IP , click «Properties» .It should enter the value of permanent IP-address.

Then on the second computer and open the settings menu TCP / IP and enter the static IP-address.It should be remembered that it should be different from the address of the first computer only the fourth segment .Next, go to the list of available networks and select a point that you created on the first computer.

Now you can on any computer create a folder for sharing .To do this, click on the desired directory and right-click on the shortcut menu, select «Access» .Then select group of users who will be allowed to connect to this folder.

Next to transfer files from a computer on a different machine, use the keyboard shortcut Win + R to display the command line.Enter it two backslashes and the IP-address second computer.After pressing Enter will display a list of all available resources, among which will be necessary to select the desired folder and copy files to it.

In the event that the amount of data to transmit small, can use an ordinary flash drive : to copy the information from one computer and move to another.

If you need to transfer files from your PC to any mobile device, you can simply connect it to your computer: usually supplied with every phone or tablet comes special cord that connects to USB-port computer .Usually mobile devices are automatically recognized by Microsoft Windows operating system and does not require installation of special software.

Furthermore, to copy files to a mobile phone, you can use a wireless connection is Bluetooth-.To do this will need to buy an adapter that connects to USB-port and install the driver.Next, turn on Bluetooth on your phone.Now to retrieve the file context menu, select «Send» and click «device Bluetooth» .This will display a list of devices in which to choose your mobile phone.Then enter the password for the synchronization, and enter it again on your phone.After this procedure will start copying.

As you could see, transfer files from your computer is easy.It is only necessary to have a special adapter or cord .

How to transfer files from your computer