How to modify the hosts file many have problems with the hosts file on your computer at work.In today's article we will discuss what kind of file, the information it contains in itself, and what actions are possible with him.

First of all, you need to understand that our file is responsible for compliance with their site names to IP addresses.For example, using this file, you can prescribe a ban on visiting certain sites.But first you must find hosts on your computer.Usually, the hosts file is located in the WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

should look like file hosts

Now let's see what it looks like the file hosts, which he represents, if it is open.By the way, should be used to open the notebook, because the file extension is not.Typically, the contents of the file looks like this:

How to modify the hosts file

latest figures (in our case - - is the address of the computer on which you opened the file.This is the normal type of file hosts.If in addition to this information, it spelled out something el

se, then you have to edit the file to bring it to its original state.

How to change the contents of the file hosts

If you need to edit the file hosts (eg, a file waded viruses), then it can be very simple.To view the file itself, open it with notepad and edit the required information and save the file.Restart the computer.All changes take effect immediately.

Remember that to make changes to the hosts file you must have administrator rights on the computer to which the plan to work.By the way, editing the hosts, you can provide it with a ban on visiting certain sites.

So for example, you can protect your child working at a computer of unnecessary information for his age.To register, you can ban: This record should go below localhost (next line).

How to clear the file hosts

Now consider a situation in which you need to clear the file hosts.It may be connected, for example, that it is registered in the ban on visit certain sites.In this case, you will be engaged vocstanovleniem your file hosts.The procedure is very simple and is already familiar.First you need to use Notepad to open the file.Then - carefully!- To delete the recording after localhost.And only after that you can save the file.Restarting the computer - changes immediately take effect.

What if the hosts file is empty (no content)?

may occur such that the file hosts, that you have decided to change, will be empty, that is, when you open it with Notepad, you will not see anything.No need to be frightened.This means that in the folder etc have another file called hosts.And if you can not see it, then it is hidden.The first thing to do in this situation is to see the file, for which the properties of the folder to establish a "show hidden folders, files and drives."Then you will see a second file hosts.Your next step will be the opening of the file found and work with him.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko