Most popular network VKontakte users have become so accustomed to their virtual pages of that visit them almost all the time at work or on school, at home or with friends, as well as a mobile phone.You can freely communicate and receive the necessary useful information.And how well is disappointing and frustrating that once again, coming at the, you instead find their usual page that asks her to contact unfreeze.

reasons for blocking accounts Vkontakte

«We found a suspicious activity on your page" - the words of the exemplary system of the robot VK.It sounds scary, if you personally committed any fraud.Of course, it is not, but the fact is that your page FaceBook is blocked because of a virus and you need to unfreeze it.

Yes, in most cases, viruses are the main cause blocking user accounts.The fact is that on the Internet a lot of scams, which use a special kind of virus - Trojan (Trojan horse).The virus breaks page VK user and then sends on his behalf (account) unwanted bulk mail (

spam).VKontakte is also practiced by speculators method of winding likes: hacked pages and users via their accounts and then are wound different ratings based on VC-voting.

And if you are a victim of fraud in the social networks, the system administrator or robots to see spam on your behalf to block your page.It is sad and frustrating.In some cases, the virus creates a window "Account Validation" with the requirement to enter a password.Here are instructions how to unfreeze the page VKontakte.

How to unfreeze the page Vkontakte - ways of solving problems

Lock your account is not as scary as it may seem at first glance, but with a small caveat, what I mean below.1. Use a special address recovery page: will be prompted to write login to your electronic mailbox address indicated in the registration number or a mobile phone.Poor thing, if you do not remember the access to your e-mail address, and even worse - if you no longer use a mobile phone number, which you specified when registered in the VC.

In other cases, the problem will be solved instantly.We recommend to change the old account number to a new mobile phone, a big fan of spending his time in the, you can even buy a separate SIM card to bind the account VK it.In addition to the new number, enter another e-mail, to have the benefit of a new mailbox - no problem.

2. The second method is to defrost in contact page - the longest.A situation where you have no access to a phone or mailbox.If you are very dear to page and you decide to restore it rather than to create a new account, then you need to send a request for recovery, but for this to scan a document that certifies your identity (passport, student ID card, driving license).And it is desirable to take pictures of themselves on the background of the monitor, which is very good on the photo you can see your request to restore access.

There is one drawback: sometimes you have to wait a few months of the application, and in fact during this time can easily create a new page.Unfreeze page VKontakte, if it "went" virus - it is possible.Be extremely careful, often update passwords do to link your mobile phone number and did not visit questionable sites.