How to know your IP and speed of Internet connections

Nearly every Internet user has ever heard of such things as IP-address, the speed of Internet connections, static and dynamic IP.However, in most cases, there is no reason to delve too much, what kind of expression, it is clear that they are somehow connected with an internet connection and the rest is not particularly important as long as the system works properly.

Everything becomes much more complicated when there are difficulties with the Internet, or, for example, you want to connect their own wi-fi router, and for this you need to have a clear understanding of what you have internet connection, IP-address and other parameters.About all of this, we'll talk later.

How to find a local computer IP

IP are of two types - local and global.In fact, IP - the address of the computer on the network, and the local and global addresses are always different because different ranges used.In order to know IP-address of the local computer, you log into the panel network connections, then select the icon labe

led "Local Area Connection" and click on it, right click the mouse.The drop-down menu, select the item "State", and in it the tab "Support".In the window that appears, you'll see the basic parameters such as the local IP-address, the address type, and others.

How do you know which IP address

In addition, the IP addresses are different in their purpose (for indoor or outdoor use), as mentioned above, they also are dynamic and static.The difference between the two lies in the fact that dynamic addresses can change, and, in some cases, every time you connect to the Internet.Static as the address remains the same, and belongs only to your computer.

most commonly used dynamic IP when you connect to the Internet via a modem.When connecting a PC via a fiber optic cable in most cases also provided a dynamic IP, but, as a rule, it has remained unchanged for a long time (several months, a year or more) due to binding of DHCP, the address can be called a conditional static.

The real static IP are available often for a fee (leased line service).Explore dynamic or static IP (albeit conditionally) in two ways.The first method - call provider with this issue, but it will take a little longer, but you get the exact answer.

second option - to see your IP address on one of the special services, for example, 2IP or Yandeks.Internetometr, and then restart the PC and then check the address.If, after re-checking IP change - it is dynamic.The disadvantage of this method is that you did not know you conditionally static address or real.

How do you know the speed of the Internet connection

Generally, most ISPs slightly embellish reality in his promises, we must not say that they are lying, because you promise to speed, for example "before" 100 MB / sec.But the word "before" implies a 1 kbit / s and 99Mb / s.That is why in order to know the real speed of the Internet connection is best to contact a third-party service, the benefit is now that the Internet is enough.

For example, to find out the speed of the Internet connection Rostelecom or any other provider, visit the dedicated website (,, etc.) and to pass a little test.And you do not need anything, not even register on these resources, just press the button "Start test".Within a few seconds the system will give you information about incoming and outgoing speed of your Internet connection.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko