How to distribute the Internet on a laptop with WiFi

What if there are available cable that provides Internet access, a laptop that it takes a smartphone equipped with WiFi module, but do not have a router?Today, to surf the Internet from your phone, it is not necessary to purchase a router.You can use a laptop as an access point.This method has the disadvantage - the range of the network can be small.However, there is a solution here: You can purchase a WiFi-amplifier module of the notebook.

How to distribute via laptop wifi?

experts have long identified a number of rules regarding how razdavatWiFi with the laptop.You can do this in three main ways, each of which has its pluses and minuses.

Firstly, you can still buy a router - is the most expensive way.Here, the user could pose a problem with the configuration provider if the connection uses PPPoE, VPN, or the like.Problematic torrent will work.But there is a plus - you will achieve your having established an independent work and a laptop, phone and Internet.

How to distribute internet via WiFi?

second method - is to use WiFi-adap

ter mode AP, but it is not always available.There may be difficulty in the process of setting up the Internet.

similar negative and the third method - the use of WiFi mode AdHoc.How to distribute

WiFi from your computer without using a router?

Quite often, users are faced with the question whether handing laptop WiFi, if you do not have a router - like, a basic element in the process of installing a network?The answer is clear: yes, we just need to know techniques and to use them properly.

method №1

To distribute the Internet with a laptop, you will need to download a special program "Connectify".Time to take a little whole process - a matter of minutes.A virtual router is not required to establish.The application to work, you need to install and run.Further, given hotspot, and if necessary, a password.This is not necessary because the connection is protected algorithm WEP2.Then you should specify the operating system the notebook where you will take the Internet.For this action carried out simple enough - go to "Properties" and choose where you created the network.

How to distribute WiFi from your computer without using a router?

As a rule, you need to navigate to the "Local Area Connection 2" or "Local Connection 2".Pay attention to the connection bar - you will see there is "available connection", and the third will show you the process of distributing Internet.Now you know a way to give WiFi.

method №2

No special software also will not do.Only now, to distribute on the Internet WiFi, you download the program from under the name «Mhotspot».It does not require installation.Executing the program you will see a window with three buttons.First, you will need to click - «SETUP HOTSPOT», for the access point settings.Then fill in the appropriate fields - its name suggests (this is what will be displayed when searching access points), password (the length of at least 8 characters).Do not neglect the protection of your connection if you do not want to use the internet could be anyone.Save your changes by clicking "OK".Further, the access point will be created by pressing the «Start».

Program Mhotspot

second part of - the distribution of the Internet directly through the existing connection.To do this, go to the following path: "Start" / Control Panel / Network and Internet / Network Management Center and Sharing / Change adapter settings.Now get out there, "Wireless Network Connection 2" and hover over it - a tooltip will have to display the text «Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter».

To further customize it comfortably can be renamed in «VirtualWiFi».Then we find an active connection, go to its properties and open the tab "Access."Here you will see two windows for ticks - put them there.And that's it.

Thus, the process of distribution through a WiFi laptop is not as complicated as it seemed at first glance.So, you can easily do without buying a router.