Recommendations how to connect and configure the router

With the growing number of mobile devices that are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and increased popularity of routers.If earlier the availability of wireless connectivity in a cafe or conference rooms considered a luxury, but now it is available almost everywhere, including in the apartment.Traditionally, router configuration is rather complicated matter and it should be handled by experts, but it is not so.

All that you will need to set up at home a wireless connection, it is, in fact, a router, a laptop or PC, network cable cords, any device capable of receiving a signal Wi-Fi, as well as the main cable from the provider.

How to connect WiFi router at home

So, the first thing you need to do - connect the router itself to the mains and connect the port WAN (usually it is marked in a different color or signed) on the router network cable of your provider.The next step connect the router and your PC via patch cords that must be packaged, if there is none, it can easily be purchased at any computer sto


Instructions on how to connect the router or Megafon ADR does not particularly different because the algorithm of actions is almost identical everywhere.We now consider the next stage - how to connect a network via a router.We physically connected between the two devices - PC router.Now you need to configure your computer's network card.

As a rule, instructions to the router is indicated by its IP-address, for example, or something similar.If you can not find the data in the instructions, go to "Network Connections", select "Local Area Connection" and click on its icon, right-click - in the pop-up menu click "Status".

In the window that appears, press the "Details" for more information.Among many of the data we are interested in only one line - the main gateway - this is the address of the router.In the next step, we enter the resulting IP-address in the browser address bar in order to get into the router's admin panel to further customize it.However, before you configure the connection to the router, you need to prepare for this, our PC.

Again, click on the icon "Local Area Connection" Right now, select "Properties".In the next window you should select the Internet Protocol TCP / IP, and again click on Properties.Further, if in the window that appears you are registered parameters of access to the Internet from your provider, they should be written down on a leaf.Further, it should be noted checkmarks options "Obtain an IP automatically" and "Obtain DNS automatically."

How to customize the router

Now the most difficult stage - Set the device itself.To get started go to the tab in the WAN router administration panel.In the event that all of the Internet connection settings on your PC are "Default" (ie, IP automatically assigned), then just choose in the window «Type conection» value of DHCP.Otherwise, you should set the IP-address, DNS-server, as it was previously on your computer.

Well, now our router must connect to the Internet, it is to configure it so that it is distributed WiFi.To do this, we go to the tab Wireless, mark item Enabled point, and in the window write the name of the SSID network.Next, select the protocol and channel number data (can leave an automatic).After all these steps, we go to the tab Security, A window, select the method of WPA2 encryption and set a password for access to the network.

most common of these actions is enough and you can already try to get online from a computer or through your mobile device with a WiFi module.However, sometimes you may need an additional register settings for connecting to the router to the PC.In this case, once again open the properties of TCP / IP, put a check next to "Use the following IP-address» (DNS).

now prescribes the following parameters:

  • IP-address -,
  • Subnet mask -, Default Gateway -
  • Preferred DNS-Server -
  • After such manipulations Internet should work.

If these suggestions do not help you, check out the article How to connect WiFi-router to the computer.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko