What is different from the usual iPad mini Apple iPad? Apple tablet are becoming increasingly popular.Today, however, it becomes fashionable to try to appear on the market trends of the world famous companies and compare them with each other.

For example, in front of many fans of Apple products in recent years raises a new question: how to choose a tablet, or a gift to a close - the standard iPad, which all used to, or iPad mini, which is gaining popularity.

In today's article we compare both the tablet and consider their main characteristics to you, based on these data, could more intelligently approach the responsible choice.

Apple iPad mini: the main differences from the iPad

first difference from the usual iPad mini iPad - a course, its size.Imagine that all the possibilities for large iPad fit in the housing, which is much more compact.Its thickness is only 7.2 mm!Plus, the device is incredibly easy.

At any time, you can take it with you, you do not need big bag or briefcase - it fits in the smallest purse.So this iPad, you can always have on han

d.Resolution iPad mini is 163 pixels / inch.

The large iPad is 132 pixels / inch.But fundamentally it does not change the picture and did not spoil the experience of viewing photos and videos.If an ordinary iPad allows you to record HD-video with a resolution of 720p, the iPad mini offers a resolution of 1080p.Moreover, in addition to the standard touch focus when shooting video it helps to stabilize the video, and have to recognize the subject's face.

Also, the tablet is equipped with a light sensor on the rear panel.These same functions you can use when creating pictures with your iPad mini.A iSight camera allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 5 megapixels.At the same time, the iPad has a large rear camera with a resolution of 960x720 pixels.

What is different from the usual iPad mini Apple iPad?

It all depends on your preferences and perhaps habits.An equally important feature of the iPad is SIM card.When you select the tablet must be remembered that iPad mini is equipped with a SIM card Nano-SIM, cards and Micro-SIM, which are so popular in the standard device is not supported.

But it is in the iPad mini is integrated assistant with which you can send messages, create reminders, or only using your voice.For many, it will be very convenient as typing a text message with your fingers is not always convenient.

Which is better: iPad mini or regular iPad?

Of course, everyone is able to decide for themselves what specific iPad he would like to have.However, the name iPad mini speaks for itself.For example, the screen is in no way inferior than the size, of course, the large display of the standard iPad.It is also possible to use the Maps application and use it to learn about his whereabouts.

can view photo albums and videos, and the detail will not yield large plate.Plus, the iPad mini display as the equipment has a backlight LED (it is a large and iPad), allows you to display the picture clearly, eloquently and vividly.You can also use the "littleĀ» iPad to work with a large number of other applications available for "older brother."

active Internet users will be able to carry out any of the devices on the Internet up to ten hours of Wi-Fi.At the same time will be able to watch movies or listen to music.According to the network, both the tablet will work until nine o'clock.But they can also be charged from both the PC via USB-drive, as well as with a conventional AC adapter.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko