How to connect your TV to your computer

modern widescreen televisions could well be used as a primary / secondary monitor.This very useful feature allows you to use the TV for games, movies and other multimedia entertainment.

Spreading high-speed Internet has led to an increase in the popularity of various services online broadcast TV channels and movies.In this regard, a particularly urgent issue is connecting the TV to the PC, because it will make video viewing more comfortable.

There are two basic types of connecting the TV to the PC: as a second monitor as a media player (in this case, the hard drive simply appears as a drive).The second option is used much less frequently, because it requires that television "could" read files from the "stick", and if there is such a function, there is no need to connect it to a PC.In this regard, we consider only your TV as a primary or secondary monitor for HDMI, DVI and VGA.

How to connect the TV to the computer via HDMI

This connection method is the most simple and provides maximum image quali

ty.However, in order to use it, your computer graphics card and the TV must be equipped with HDMI or mini-HDMI inputs.In addition, you will need to wire HDMI-HDMI - iewith two identical outputs.If you have one of the devices, mini-HDMI connector will also need to purchase an adapter.

Today stores offer similar wire for a variety of prices - from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars.Meanwhile, the quality of the cable in this situation do not particularly affect the quality of the connection and the "picture" on the output, and can therefore acquire inexpensive.Before you start connecting devices must be disconnected from them.Next, connect the TV and the computer cable and turn (the first is better to turn on the PC, it will eliminate the problems that sometimes occur).

now on the TV remote must select the button or input source and specify the source is HDMI connector.On your computer, you must specify as the playback device HDMI output.To do this, find the "Control Panel" in the "Start" menu and in the "Sounds and Audio Devices" choose the necessary equipment.Now extend your desktop to your TV: "click" right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop, select "Properties" tab "Settings" - select the second monitor.If the image does not appear on the TV, you may need to reboot both devices.

How to connect the TV to the computer via DVI and VGA

When using DVI and VGA outputs all work is carried out similarly, so the difference in the algorithm is no action.If you have a choice of which connection to use it is better to stop on the DVI (picture quality will be much better).If your TV supports only VGA, and the only way out from this interface on the graphics card is already in use at the main monitor, you can use an adapter DVI-VGA, connecting it to an available interface (DVI).

Since cable DVI / VGA is designed exclusively for video transmission, we will take another and audio cable with two plugs mini-Jack (3,5 mm) at the ends.Both cables simply be found in specialty stores, as they are quite popular.When you connect the act under the standard scheme - the device is de-energized and connect them with each other cables.

Please note that the audio cable from the PC to be connected to the audio-in jack on your TV (next is the same, but the audio-out so easily confused).Further, all work is performed according to the algorithm described above - just as the source select VGA or DVI.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko