How to remove the home page of the browser Rambler Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome

erase a specific start page - a fairly common problem that can vozniknkut from Internet users.

it can be connected primarily with the fact that I want to see as the start page that the user visits often.

In this article we will examine the situation associated with the page Rambler and how to remove it from the most popular browsers - Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla.

The first thing you should know when you delete the start page - is that it is installed in your browser, and not somewhere inside your computer.Therefore look for ways to remove it should be there.

How to remove the home page of the Rambler Opera browser (Opera)

first open the browser "Opera" - by double-clicking on the icon with the browser.Find the top menu bar tab "Tools."Open it.The selected tab, click the "Settings".In this tab you have to choose "General".Next - should find the field "Homepage".Remove the value of a field, wherein said front page Rambler.Then click "OK".

You can not delete the values ​​in the "Home Page" an

d select "Empty" and also press "OK".Only then will the changes take effect, and the front page will be deleted.

How to remove the home page of the browser Rambler Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome

How to remove the home page of Google Rambler Chrome (Google Chrome)

Open a browser window by double-clicking on the icon of Google Chrome.In the upper right corner of the screen click on the icon "Settings".In the Open the settings you need to select "Settings."In the opened tab, select the "Basics".

Now all the attention to the field "Open this page" - it is necessary to remove the existing value.And finally, click "Close" to save the selected changes.

Sometimes Rambler remove from the start and should also remove toolbars because they are set start page.Let's see how to do it.To start press "Start".In the opened tab, choose "Programs".Then we find "Rambler Toolbar» and press "Delete."Now the front page and removed from here.

How To Remove Home Page Rambler from Mozilla (Mozilla Firefox)

First of all, start Mozilla, open a browser window by double-clicking the left mouse button.Then find the tab "Tools" - it is in the top menu bar.Within results tab, select "Options."After opening the options you have to choose "General" tab.

In the opened tab, locate the "Home" and delete the existing value (Rambler), or you can select "Blank".Finally, do not forget to click "OK", the changes you have made to take effect.Home removed.

As you can see, removing Rambler browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera is almost one and the same scheme.If you need to remove any other home page, this should be done on the same plan that we discussed above.

Nothing complicated and cunning in removing not.The main thing - do not forget to save the changes that you have carried out.Otherwise, when you reopen your browser start page will be the same and you have to remove it for a second time.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko