What to do if your computer blue screen

Many people are scared when they see on the monitor blue screen, as many have heard of it, but do not always understand what it is.To begin to understand the terminology, because the blue screen in Windows can occur for various reasons.

So, when downloading, the computer by pressing the Del, you may receive the panel BIOS (menu on a blue background) intended to adjust the system to remove it just press Escape.Also, during startup, you may receive a blue screen with variable interest, which means that the system is checked for errors, most often it occurs because of improper shutdown PC.Actually, these cases do not pose a risk and they continue to lead the conversation is not necessary.

Now, it should also be said about the blue screen that appears due to errors, but not critical.So, during boot the PC on a blue background, you may receive a notification that a device is not connected.You should carefully read the message in order to determine what is the problem.Most often it occurs when a wired key

board is disconnected from the system unit, or simply it is not enough plug is firmly inserted into the socket.

In this situation, simply check the connection - if the plug is pulled out or is loose, return it to the place and restart the PC.If you've checked and it turned out that with a plug that's all right, try another keyboard and reboot again.Well, now we go to the very "blue screen of death" or BSOD.In the event that after the appearance of the blue screen of death, the computer restarts automatically, it's not good, because it does not allow to analyze the error.

In this connection it is necessary to start to disable automatic restart.Make it easy through the menu - in the context menu "My Computer" select the tab "Properties / Advanced / Startup and Recovery / Settings" and remove the check mark "Run Automatically restart."Now, after the appearance of the blue screen of death we will get the necessary information that will eliminate the problem causing a fatal error.

In that case, if the system after the occurrence BSOD does not restart automatically, do not panic.The first thing you need to do is read the message on the screen, at the bottom there is a section Ā«Technical InformationĀ» which is the reason for the work stoppage.Represented mistake about this number 0h000000hhh, that this line you need to be rewritten on the leaf.

all, now just restart your computer via key Reset, in extreme cases, disconnect it from the power supply (however, this is done only if other methods do not work).Since most of Blue Screen of Death appears as a result of improper installation or update conflicts in the software, we must know what exactly led to the emergence of software errors.That is why we have written previously, and the error number.

Trying to drive this number in the search and read that can advise experts.Also, in some cases may require a more detailed analysis of the errors that occurred, this is a special program - BlueScreenView.After its launch, you can get more information about what caused the driver of the blue screen of death.All this information again hammered into search and determine what to do to troubleshoot.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko