How to save your password When visiting a variety of resources and registration of users they have to constantly come up with logins and passwords to remember them.

Naturally, to keep as much data in my head is simply impossible, so sometimes even on site Classmates can be forgotten and then access long and hard to remember it.In order to avoid this, it is recommended to save your password in the classmates and on other sites that you frequently visit.

general default most modern browsers offer to save your password automatically, but sometimes this feature turned off, or when you reinstall the operating system or for any need.Therefore, in order to maintain access to Friendster, you just need to re-activate the save.

begin with the popular browser Internet Explorer .In order to save the password in Odnoklassniki Ekplorere Internet, you need to select the menu tab "Tools", then go to the "Options", select the tab where the "Content" - "AutoComplete" then you need to click on the "Settings"and in the window that appears to

put down all the checkboxes.Then you need to go back to the website, enter by appropriate data browser and prompts you to save.

In order to maintain access to classmates in Mozilla , you need to find the "Tools" menu and click on the tab "Settings".In the resulting window, select the tab "Privacy".Here you will see several options, next to which you can put a tick, right there, by the way, in the future you will be able to view all your saved passwords.Among them, in particular, will be "Remember passwords for sites".Everything is now all the data will be saved, and all you need to do is visit the site and enter them, and when the question of the browser - to confirm the save.

In that case, if you regularly use Opera , you can use a special password manager, which is implemented in the browser.To turn it on, select "Settings" and then select "General Settings".At the top of the window that appears, select the tab "Forms" by clicking on "password", you can view all the stored access from sites that are visited, or edit them.

How to save your password

Also here you can fill out a form that will allow you to fill in the fields when registering just two clicks.For the same, to save your password on classmates in Opera, you should at the entrance to the site in response to a proposal browser click "Yes."

The browser Google Chrome no special differences in the preservation of the sites passwords.In order to do this, you should open the "Settings" menu, and then - "Show saved passwords."In the resulting window, you can also, as in Opera and edit passwords for different sites, add or delete them.

Well, in order to save your password during the initial start, simply answer "Yes" to the question about the need to save the browser password.

worth noting that, despite the great convenience of this function, in some cases, it is not recommended to store your passwords automatically.This is especially true in cases when you are not working for your personal computer that can be accessed also by other people.Because if you are so easily able to save and view all the passwords, you and other users will be able to do it with the necessary knowledge.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko