How to disable ads on websites

Advertising surrounds us everywhere - on TV, in the streets and on the Internet.However, if you handle the advertising on TV can only be completely switched off the TV, the Internet is much easier, the main thing to understand how to properly do it.There are several main types of aggressive advertising on the internet - pop-ups, banners, flash ads.Each of these species is created by a specific set of programs and similarly for controlling advertisement can use a set of effective means.

How to disable ads on YouTube

Perhaps advertising on YouTube is the most annoying for many users.This is due primarily to the fact that even before viewing the shortest rollers you show advertisements for a minimum of 20 seconds, and often much more.The most effective means of dealing with such advertising is to install a special plug-in for your browser, which is simply "cut" all the extra content.

called the extension AdBlock and you can download it on the page add-ons for your browser.It has a number of advantage

s, as to get rid of almost all kinds of advertising at various sites.However AdBlock and has its drawbacks: first, it must be pre-configure, secondly, it does not work with all browsers (e.g., for applications such IE does not exist).

If you want to disable the advertising solely on YouTube, and the rest do not touch it, and in this case, there is a way out.Go to the home page of YouTube and open the console browser to Fire Fox - you must press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + K, for IE - F12 and select the tab Console, in Chrome and Opera console offers a combination of Ctrl + Shift + J.

When the console opens, insert the following code to it without the quotation marks: « document.cookie =" VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = oKckVSqvaGw; path = /; domain = "; window.location.reload () ;».This code was created specifically employees of YouTube (probably for some market research), in order to allow users to tweak cookie while browsing the site and thereby get rid of advertising.

How to remove advertising in social networks

To remove the advertising in social networks the same way as in the previous case, you can use the application AdBlock.If it is you, for whatever reasons, does not fit, you can use other programs or different tricks.For example, in the case of the popular social network in RuNet "VKontakte", there is one interesting variant of struggle with advertising page on the left block.All you need to do this - to change the language settings in your account.

By default, the language of "Russian", but there is also the "Soviet".If you change the settings and put a "Soviet", the ads will disappear.Most likely, this is due to the fact that the team simply did not register all the necessary conditions for the display of advertising with these settings.But this does not prevent us to take the opportunity effectively disable ads.

How to remove ads on all sites

banneropodaviteley There are many programs that can be used as an alternative to AdBlock, in particular, Adguard.To use them, you need to download and install the program, and then run it and click "Enable."

In addition, browsers Opera and FireFox you can remove the ads through the settings, so go to the menu "General Settings" and remove tick "Enable Animations" and "Use Java Script».Next, in the "Tools / Preferences", select the option "Block pop-up windows are not requested."However, this method may cause an incorrect mapping of some sites running on Java Script.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko