What is the temperature of the computer

temperature of computer components is quite important indicator, which should be periodically pay attention.In the case of long-term overheating of individual components.can significantly reduce the performance of your PC.

In the most severe cases permanent overheating can cause damage to both individual devices and the computer in general.To avoid this, you should regularly run diagnostics equipment, clean it, as well as other preventive measures, which we describe below.

How do you determine that the computer is overheating

In that case, if you use a laptop, you simply define what its individual components overheat.To do this you need to run any game or movie and wait for a while, then put a hand on the left of the touchpad and hold for a few seconds.The panel can be warm or slightly hot, but if the temperature is above the feelings, it is better to make a diagnosis.

With a computer is much more difficult because you can not touch the main components of his hands.But there are other signs, when

they appear, you should think about the necessity of diagnosis: increased fan noise, reduced productivity, off during heavy use.

temperature detection with a program

main way to test the temperature of the individual components of a computer software diagnostics. most popular program for this purpose is AIDA.Previously, the program was called Everest and has earned a great love for users for its ease of use and a free trial version.

That's it, and we need to download, it is recommended to do so from the official site of developers, not with strangers, in order to avoid the installation on your PC any extra sidebars on mail.ru and the like.After downloading and unpacking the software run it.As this program is designed to complete the analysis of the PC, there are many useful, but uninteresting in this article points.

We also proceed to the Computer / Sensor, where you can see a window with all the temperature behavior of the individual components: Mainboard - the temperature of the motherboard in general CPU - Displays the temperature of the CPU as a whole CPU / core of 1,2,3,4 - the temperature of each core GPU - the temperature of the graphics card (GPU) Memory GP - GPU temperature VRAM

What is the temperature of the computer and its components normal

reviewing the data in the table, it is possible to draw conclusions about the temperature of each device at the moment.Motherboard rarely overheats, the optimal temperature conditions of her work is a mark of 25-30 degrees, but even if it is heated to 40-45 degrees, it is not necessary to be afraid of much.For optimal operating temperature of the processor is 45-50 degrees.

When this figure reaches 60 degrees, are already beginning to emerge freezes (lag) and other minor problems.The critical temperature is 70-80 degrees, from that moment begins to continuously restart the PC, hang and so on.Hardest basking card - normal temperature for modern devices of this type of 60-70 degrees, but for older models such indicators are critical.

What to do in case of overheating of computer components

signs of overheating of the computer and its components very much, it is a "blue screen" (there is overheating of any device) and permanent reset (overheated processor), and off for no apparent reason (overheating PSU), departures and lags in games (heated card).In each of these cases, if it was detected overheating using, you must take the following steps to remedy it:

  • Clean the system unit from dust
  • open at the time of the system cover
  • Add additional sourcescooling system (cooler), replace the cooler on the CPU
  • Reduce the temperature of the air in the room (especially true in the summer)

Finally, it should be noted that in some cases (such as gaming laptops) high temperatures are normalcomponents.Therefore, before attempting to fix this problem, just find out the characteristics of the equipment and its normal operating temperature.