Recommendations that do if my computer so slow? Sooner or later, each user is faced with a significant reduction in the speed of the PC.This may be caused by a variety of reasons.In this article we will try to understand why the computer slows down, what to do in such a case, and how.

main reasons why PC hangs

actually cause slow performance of your laptop or "hospital" can be many.But we will focus on the core, that is, those that happen more often.

So, if your PC is so slow, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. dust system unit.Yes, common dust, or rather - its abundance may cause overheating of the PC component and, accordingly, its slow operation;
  2. simultaneous launch of a large number of applications and processes - is one simple reason why your computer starts to slow down;
  3. malware infection;
  4. incompatibility of certain programs;
  5. clogged registry and startup;
  6. inefficient use of memory (RAM and physical) is often the cause of suspension video;
  7. problems with the hardware.

Often, the speed of the device affect several of the above

factors, it is necessary to take into account when trying to return to his "personal" another former ease of processing.

Now, when we discussed the main points why hang your computer, go to the next step to remedy this situation - what to do in each case.

What if the system unit dusty

First you need to make sure that your PC has become slow down because of overheating, that is, check the temperature of the processor and other components for devices.This can be done through the use of special programs, in particular - Everest Ultimate.After downloading and installing the program you need to run it and choose "computer / sensor."If the CPU temperature exceeds 50-60 degrees - it is likely is the reason of suspension.In this case, measures should be taken to clean up.To do this, open the system unit and blown out of the dust.We also recommend parallel to check the serviceability of the cooler (fan).

What if your PC is infected with viruses or malware

If your computer worked fine yesterday, but today suddenly began to hover - there is every reason to believe that the reason for this is it malicious software and viruses.How to be in this situation?Start in this case it is better for the same test CPU temperature, after which a thorough check for viruses.At the same time, remember - even if you have an antivirus installed and updated regularly, it does not guarantee complete protection of your device.Therefore, to know for certain why so slow computer, we recommend that you download Dr.Web.Cureit or AVZ.These two programs are designed specifically for such cases and permit a deep scan of your PC.

What if the laptop is filled with unnecessary or incompatible programs

If you set on the eve of a program, its incompatibility with the operating system and may be the cause of a computer hang.The only thing to do in this case - is to remove the program and install a suitable version.Another reason for the decrease in PC performance at the program level may be outdated drivers.The answer to the question of what to do when the computer hangs because the driver is very simple - update it by downloading from the official website.

What if Startup and registry clogged

If the reason is that the computer slows down, includingwhen you connect the Internet to be able to register and startup, the effect of such a PC is explained as follows.Some programs can register themselves in the bar or in the startup registry, of course, that it takes precious resources needed for processing of useful applications.Thus residues such programs may be kept in registry even after they have been removed from the PC.Therefore, if the "apparatus" very buggy, do you need to clean - and the registry and startup.To do this, there are applications such as CCleaner and Revo Uninstaler.However, the use of such applications should be cautious in order not to remove from the register the desired program.

What should I do to optimize PC memory

It also happens that badly hinders the laptop due to improper use of memory and hard disk utilization.What to do in such a situation?Of course, to optimize their work!And you should start to increase the size of the paging file.This can be done as follows: go to "My Computer", right click Properties / Advanced / Performance / Settings.In the window you can select the size of the paging file, and disable some visual effects that, by and large, not particularly necessary.

next stage of optimization of the PC is clean space on drive C. Because this drive is stored and runs Windows running all programs, it should always be available at least 2 GB of memory.If you have less - this can also lead to the fact that the computer inhibits sound or video.Therefore, you should delete or move to another place unnecessary files.It should also be noted that on the C drive and all files are stored with your "Desktop", so pay attention to her and him.

final stage will Disk Defragmenter.In order to start it, you should click on the drive icon, right-click and in the tab "Tools" select "Defragment."

What if the cause in the hardware

last reason that can inhibit PC - this is the problem with its "stuffing."Most often they occur when using a fairly old machines.The only feasible solution to this situation would be to carry your PC in the service center, which will prevent and, if necessary, will recommend which parts must be replaced.