Online Youtube videos are quite common on the Internet.They are used on a variety of sites: social networking, news and entertainment portals, sites to watch movies online using the "yutubovskih" content.The very same video portal based on video files downloaded by users.The merits of the site a lot, but there are also disadvantages faced by many users: long or not upload videos to Youtube.

how to identify the problem: the user enters on any "yutubovskih" link (or find the desired video in the search bar on the site) to watch video, but clicking on the play, download and playback occurs either by starting play, comes toa point (5-10 seconds, maybe a little more), and then stops the show and download.Of course, you leave the browser window open in the hope that the video will load - usually light gray loading bar moves towards the completion of the segment of video playback.But in case of problems, you will not see this band, even if you leave the video to load even for two or three hours.What should

I do if the video does not show on Youtube and want to see the video immediately or important news?

slow Internet connection

Of course, you must first consider the most banal possible causes, such as slow internet on your computer.Slow internet is the one internet connection, the rate of which varies in the range of 128-256 kbit / c or less.Learn speed can be your provider, there can also improve it and, if technically possible.If you are faced with the problem of slow Internet and yet can not solve it, we recommend you try to watch videos at any other time of the day, such as early morning, when there are so many people use the Internet.Other reasons we describe below.

reasons why for a long time to upload videos to Youtube

1. Perhaps at this point you have an old version of Flash Player (Flash Player).As a rule, before watching the video, Youtube own special sign warns the user that the Flash player is required to upgrade to the latest version.Just follow the instructions, which will be presented to you, go to Adobe Flash Player.

2. The problem with the cache.Quite often there is a problem, especially if you frequently use Youtube to watch videos.It is necessary to clean the cache, and it can be done in several ways: both through third-party programs, and the "hand" in the browser.Each browser (Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) different methods of clearing the cache.However, you can use the program Ccleaner - it is very easy to use, and easy to clear the cache using it in all browsers that you use.

3. In rare cases, the video on Youtube shows no because some functions are disabled in the browser, for example, can be turned off javascript or animation.In Internet Explorer, they can be included as follows: in the menu "Tools" select "Internet Options", then go to "Advanced" and under "Multimedia" to tick the box next to the required settings (audio, animation, images).

4. It is possible that because of the low speed of the internet video clip just does not have time to load, but if you notice how pale gray band in the playback download is rapidly moving to the right, you should just wait and then enjoy watching the video.