How to choose a graphics card

In ideokarta or, in other words, a video adapter is an equally important part of the modern computer than memory.In those cases, when you use the computer only for office applications and video viewing, it is possible to manage integrated graphics.However, if you are interested in the modern game, or to work there is a need to work with graphics programs, you can not do without a good graphics card.

To date, the market leading manufacturer of two video cards: ATI and nVidia.In fact, companies that manufacture graphics cards, and much more in the shops there is a huge range of their products, but they essentially lose two giants.And it's not only in the quality / price ratio, but also in the performance of devices.

fact that most manufacturers of various "iron" PC oriented with the release of its production is for ATI and nVidia.Therefore, when installing a video card by less known company, it might interfere with other equipment and software.

therefore recommend that you select equipment from ATI

or nVidia.By and large, the device of the latest generations of the two companies virtually nothing from each other do not differ.Yes, the comparison can detect small advantages and disadvantages of each of the companies, however, they are so small that it can be neglected.So you have to choose only the price and performance of the card, not the manufacturer.

What should I look for when choosing a video card

There are a few basic characteristics of a video card, and which should be guided in the choice of equipment: a series chip (the "fresh" series, the more powerful and more expensive device), the amount of video memory, number of frames per secondand system requirements.The first three parameters are responsible for the performance of your graphics card.

Accordingly, if you are planning to buy a video card for playing the latest games, the chip it must be the last series, the amount of video memory 2 GB or more, and the number of frames per second tends to 100. By the last parameter should be treated with special attention, becauseSome graphics cards require the power supply unit at least 450W, if your unit produces less power, the equipment will not operate.

What video card to choose to create a design and video editing

most often at work on making the design or video editing using widescreen monitors with a resolution of at least 1920 * 1080 px, or even two monitors simultaneously.In such circumstances, it does not require high frame rates or a large amount of video memory.However, the card must be equipped with additional outputs DVI (to connect a second monitor), as well as when working with video inputs for connecting analog video sources (eg camcorder).

Thus, to work with graphics and video is best suited device from the mid-market with chips 4-5 series from ATI (Radeon 5xx-6xx) or third series from nVidia (GeForce 4xx).You can, of course, pick up and more expensive equipment, however, it would be a waste of money.

What video card take the gaming

If you are going to buy a graphics card for playing games, here come first FPS (frame rate), and a series of video memory chip.In order to determine all these parameters, it is enough just to look at the system requirements of the games that interest you.

So, not too powerful for the game (eg, strategies), as well as those that were released two or three years ago, will be enough video memory to 1GB and 60 FPS and the chip average or penultimate series.In case you prefer to play at maximum graphics settings in the hot new items this year, be sure to acquire the latest series of chips with a maximum amount of memory and the frame rate of about 80-100.

At the same time we recommend not forget the requirements of the graphics card to the system.And it's not only about the power supply, but also on the motherboard.Also note that these graphics cards, immediately after the release are very expensive, and after only six months or a year lose significantly in price.