How to send large files over the Internet

Every year the speed of the Internet is growing, and with it the amount of data that a user can transfer to another in a short period of time.If you've had to wait a few hours or even days to download a movie, now it takes 15 minutes to an hour.At the same time to share with other users of your files can be quite difficult, especially if they "weigh" more than 30-50 MB.Unfortunately, most modern email services do not allow to directly send large files to another user, however, a way out of this situation, there is not one.

How to send large file

So send large files over the Internet in several key ways: through the postal service (we'll discuss this later), using file sharing programs, and through instant messengers (Skype, agent, etc.).Now let us consider the latter method, since it is the easiest.The fact that most of the programs, instant messengers, such, such as Skype, do not impose restrictions on the transfer of files to other users.Thus, all you need to do - is to contact the person

on Skype, right-click on its nickname and select "Send File", and then proceed to download it.

How to mail a large file

If you want to use for data transmission is by mail, then there are several options and features.First, you should estimate the size of the file.To send a relatively small files (up to 100MB), you can use a simple archiver and broken down into multiple volumes.But in that case, if you want the amount of data and more than 500 MB, then you better take advantage of cloud storage and file sharing service.

First, consider the first option, for example, you need to send large file via mail, and you do not want to use cloud storage.In this case, we run the program and Win Rar From the File menu select "Add."Next, you must go to the tab "General" in line "Split to volumes the size" to specify the maximum size of files that may be sent by mail (usually 20-30 MB).After the backup is completed, the resulting volume can be sent by e-mail.

How to send large file via the "cloud»

Relatively recently appeared on the Internet is such a thing as a "cloud storage", in fact it is remote server, which stores information of various users.If you use popular email services, such as Yandex, or Gmail, then you can always take advantage of cloud storage to transfer large amounts of data.In general, the ability to transfer files in all such similar services, so we will see how to send a large file via Yandex, and if you decide to use another service, then proceed by analogy.

So, initially you need to visit the site (in the mail Gmail button is enough to select the document), authorization by the login and password and click "Browse" to upload the file.Next, we are looking at the computer that we want to send, and download it.Once the download is complete, you will see a link ,null, on which the file can be downloaded.Now copy this link and send the mail to his companion, the recipient can only click on it to start downloading.Likewise, you can send large file through the service and

How to send large file via the file sharing

Besides postal services, there are also special sites designed for the exchange of data (photos, videos, files, etc.) between users.Here, the algorithm works exactly the same as when sending via cloud email services, ie: load the file you want, get a reference, we send it to other users to download.However, file-sharing resource advantage is that the speed of uploading and downloading them is much higher.

Author: Vyacheslav Kinko