Web design. problem of readability of text on the site - one of the leading problems of modern web design.Refrain from using the site sets the font or fonts of different sizes, it is difficult.After all, virtually every day there are more and more new fonts that allow to satisfy any aesthetic taste.However, in the pursuit of a beautiful font style of the text, it is important not to forget that the main thing is still the content.Therefore font choices should not affect the quality of information perception the visitor.

Here are a few recommendations for the competent execution of the text on the site.

When should highlight particularly important text, it decided to write letters oversized.The main text of the page is usually the largest size font writing section headings, a little less - sub-headings, or materials and even less - the main text.This is sufficient for the visual separation of the text.If the number of different font sizes in the main text of the page will be more, the user can not understand wha

t kind of information is important.By the way, for the rest of the page elements, such as menus or footer, it is permissible to use different font sizes.

Nowadays there are so many different typefaces : in the style of "techno", "retro" or "country", the fonts that mimic handwriting, etc.But what looks good on paper, is not always acceptable to the site of the main text.The paper documents are very fond use serif fonts .For example, one of the most common serif font, Times New Roman, perfect for documents, as looks very presentable.Intersection at the ends of the letters make it easier to read the text, but only if it is printed at high resolution.However, the same font for the site with a small resolution monitor user looks illegible, the user has to strain your eyes to read the text.

much more acceptable to the site of the main text of any sans-serif .Traditionally - is Verbana.Chopped fonts are larger and more characters character spacing, so they are easier to read from the screen.

choosing a typeface for the site, we can not "overdo it."For the text of the main pages of the site is better to use a headset and a logo for the site or for navigation, you can use several different typefaces.In total, usability specialists recommend use no more than three different typefaces on a web page.

especially important words, phrases or sentences, you can select underlined, bold or italic font.Bold fit to highlight an entire row, italic - for single words or short phrases.Underlined text should be used cautiously, because usually underlined hyperlinks.It is important to remember that it makes sense to allocate bold or italic, only small parts of the text, because if you select all, it is not allocated in fact anything.

way, release of large parts of the text in capital letters, too, does not contribute to the perception of quality information.After all, if all the letters are equally large, it is not clear where it begins a new proposal, which words are proper names, etc.

For good perception is crucial alignment of the text on the page.The best option - left alignment, as text, right justified, or the width of the page, to read a lot worse.For example, if a line of less than 40 characters, for a line justification is not suitable, the text is too "intermittent."

line spacing, called Leading in typography, as well as character spacing, kerning called, should have no less value than the default.Too dense text very difficult to read.

Dimensions blocks of text on the page is also playing an important role in the perception of the text by visitors.If the main text of the page is presented in the form of a solid block, it is perceived as worse than the text, divided into several small paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each.Worse and worse perceived wide blocks of text compared to narrow.

Thus, using the correct text formatting site can distinguish primary and secondary information in the text, at a glance the contents page.If a visitor to the website will be pleasant and easy to read text on your pages, it will have a positive impact on its assessment of the web design of your site.

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