What is the modernization of the site? to the site should be developed regularly scheduled, full or partial redesign.Upgrading of site, as a kind of partial redesign - a great way to expand the functionality of the site without having to "overhaul".So, what is the modernization of the site?

Very often the concept of " redesign " site and " modernization " site identified.In fact, these concepts are very similar.Just about the redesign of the site say, basically, when you want to make changes to the graphics or layout of the site.But the modernization of the site involves changes to an existing web site services or add new ones.New services on the site may be necessary, for example, expanding the range of goods produced or sold by the company.

Upgrading of site carried out by experts of web programming.But if the introduction of new software modules on a site affects the design of the site ("pushes" elements of the page), then the site is to modernize and attract specialists in site design.Then the designers and programmers together find th

e best solution for the site.And that usually involves the modernization of the site?

in favor of modernization of the site can be included:

  • change the structure of the website code optimization
  • site
  • creation of new sections of the site
  • implementation of CMS - Content Management System

Change site structure or adding new sections may be necessary,if there are structural changes in the company.For example, the creation of new departments or branches, in the reorganization of management structure and etc.In this case, the corporate website need a different structure, different from before.

code site needs to be optimized.Where a dozen lines of code, you can replace the equivalent of only one line, it should be done.The benefit of this approach is obvious.The higher the code, the higher the likelihood of any errors or even errors.Because of these errors the site can malfunction and, if the code of your site is not optimized, these errors have to look very long ... In the meantime, the site is idle and losing precious visitors!

If your site consists of static pages, and growing every day amount of information does not allow us to make quick changes to the site (after all, every time you need to make changes directly in the code of each page!), It is necessary to modernize the site for introduction on the site content management system (CMS).

Thus, if you need to expand the functionality of the site, introduce new Web services to your site or to optimize its structure, the modernization of the site for you!

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