Web VS Web. in modern Russian every day there are more and more new words.With the growing popularity of the Internet in our speech we included new concepts and new terms for these concepts.Each term begins with the prefix "web", which translates to English as "web" and means belonging to the term "World Wide Web" - the Internet.For example, well-known and popular terms such as web-design , web-site , web-programming , web-technology .

However, the introduction of such a query into the search box the user should at least once to switch between Russian and English keyboard layout.It is uncomfortable and tiring.Therefore, the English gradually transformed into a web console "Web," which became an excellent replacement, because writing "web design" or "website" much easier.

But, you know, a certain number of Russian-speaking Internet users still continue to use the terms with the prefix "web".Why do they do that?The matter of habit, convenience kit or something else?Let's find out!

First, let's look at the

following statistics inquiries in Russia and Ukraine in Google over the past 5 years (2004 to present).

The numbers in the graph indicate share of searches for a given request in the total number of searches , made in Google for some time.These numbers do not represent absolute values ​​of search volume, since the data presented in the normalized form and displayed on a scale from 0 to 100.

Each point on the chart corresponds with the maximum value m. E. 100. For example, suppose the interestsearch query skiing has risen sharply in November.The system assigns this peak value of 100. Now suppose that in December there was a significant reduction of interest and the next peak was approximately half of November.This peak is assigned a value of 50, and so on. D. In the absence of sufficient data shows the value 0. The numbers shown next to the search terms above the graph represent the total values.

Explanation of schedule. As can be seen from this graph, the term "web design" all 5 years, 2 or even 3, once popular term "web design" .Note line graphs never intersect.

Explanation of schedule. As can be seen from this graph, and the popularity of the query "website" , and request "web-site" for the entire reporting period is almost the same.In addition, clearly it shows that every year the popularity of these requests is growing, because the schedule is committed to the maximum mark.

Explanation of schedule. This graph shows that in November 2005 to request "web site development" and "web sites" was so small in relation to the maximum amount that the number becomes 0. Its maximum level request "web sites"reached in May 2009, followed by the popularity of both requests fell.In December 2009, the popularity of these requests is a little less than half the maximum amount.

So why do people continue to write and "Web" and "web"?

Confusion correct spelling and use of words and terms borrowed from foreign languages, happens often.Suffice it to recall how many lively discussions is the term "Internet".How to write it: "Internet", "Internet" or simply "the Internet"?Vail whether this word?Exactly the discussions and debates arise around the "web of terms."Unfortunately, no single opinion on this matter does not exist, since there is no officially recognized rules of writing and the use of these words.And so, basically, all Internet users write as "web design", and "web-design" as they prefer.

way at one time was quite fashionable to use similar terms with the prefix "WEB", ieAll three letters are written in uppercase.We can confidently say that this is just, wrong form of writing, because "web" (or "web") is not abbreviatoroy and indeclinable used as part of a complex noun.And so, in accordance with the rules of the Russian language, words like "web design" or "web site" should be written only after the hyphen.

Note SEO-optimizers.If theme of your site is related to the discussed terms, or you have encountered a similar problem when writing other terms, we advise you to include in your keyword list several spellings of searches with these terms.The more popular options use the same words you consider, the more able to reach the target audience.

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