How to create your blog? News own blog - Weblog - nowadays very fashionable.Blogs are the "cream of society", show business stars, actors, athletes, politicians ...

So, start your own blog.And the first question that arises is: and what did actually write? But to answer this question is not so easy as it seems at first glance.In many ways, the future topics of the blog depends on your goals and objectives.

Modern blogs are often created to earn money on the Internet, mainly through advertising.Then the theme of the blog should be interesting to visitors, attracting a large audience.

The blog "about yourself", you can write about everything: to describe significant events of his life, to share experiences and their problems, share their impressions of the scanned films, read books, etc.

most interesting blog readers the author's own thoughts, and not just another «copy-paste» from popular resources.Therefore, choosing a theme, you should consider: how much interesting for me to write about this?Will I be able to write a

simple and accessible language that interests me?

By the way, the choice of theme of the blog influence the level of competition.Obviously, the most popular topics have been created thousands and thousands of resources - "break" and take its rightful place is very difficult.But the complete absence of competition is also not a good sign.If other blogs on the chosen theme is not, it means that this subject is not interesting to visitors.

How do you know what the topic is popular and in demand?There help novice blogger various forums, websites and services keyword, for example, Google or Yandex.Analyzing the publication on the websites of the selected topics or posts in forums, you can make for themselves a few conclusions: how often updated thematic materials, how actively discussed topic.

The service keyword you can find out how many people are interested in the selected theme.To do this, simply enter the keywords chosen topic in the special field service and show how many queries with these keywords was introduced Internet users in the last month or week for example.

When the subject of the blog is defined, you must decide where to place your blog well. There are two main types of blogs : blogs on special blogging service and stand-alone blogs (eg blogs on your own hosting).

various services for free hosting of blogs, there are many.These services are very convenient for beginners bloggers: do not need to pay, have the opportunity to try their hand.However, with the development of the blog you can suddenly discover that the service provided is not functional enough.

In addition, the domain name blog for free service will always be higher than the third level.Domains such a level worse indexed by search engines, and users more convenient to remember the domain name of the form «», than «», for example.

why experienced bloggers are increasingly choosing to create their blogs paid hosting and domain.This gives them an opportunity to "expand" their imagination to the maximum.

One of the most popular "engine" to create a stand-alone blogging is Wordpress .This free content management system (CMS) with open source "sharpened" specifically for blogs and provides a lot of functionality to the author of the blog.To work with Wordpress do not need any special knowledge of web programming, but the initial Repose of the best content management systems still have.Since

blog often created for the additional (or even primary) earnings on the Internet, it is necessary to think also about advertising .A blog can serve as a promotional platform for the display of thematic contextual ads or banners.Also, using a blog can make money on writing promotional material.For every published advertising the post author receives from the advertiser a fee.

But these ads makes sense to place only if the blog has a constant readership ."Fresh" blog, just appeared in the vast global web, you need a lot of time to "increase" the number of visitors.

As you can see, in practice, create your own blog - not a simple activity .It should be balanced and considered approach to the choice of topics, the blog-hosting service, or, to give time promotion and blog.

How to create your blog?