How to create a website for free? Every day there is a global network of more than one thousand sites.Someone creates commercial projects, someone - entertainment portals, there are also plenty of Internet users who devote their web pages themselves loved.To date, to create a website as easy as ordering pizza by phone.

For those who want to build a website there are only two ways: either order its creation at webmaster or web design studio or do you create your own website.In the first case, the resource is created correctly, with all key requirements.Less of this approach - a rather high cost.

therefore increasingly small personal site users prefer to create their own.And to help in this special free services.For example, well-known resources, and - these are typical examples of such services.

To create a free site in the ucoz, the user must register.After registration, the user receives a so-called vebtop - personal page on the system.Now you can proceed directly to the creation of the site.

In the first stage of

creating the site in the ucoz need to fill out a form with basic information about the site: choose a domain name, site name, site language.The user has the possibility to immediately choose the design of the site of the options proposed by the system, as well as various functional modules.

The user enters the site control panel and can start filling the site content.For a site system allocates about 400 MB of disk space - for a personalized web page that is enough.

User has the ability to work in both the visual editor like Word, and in the mode HTML.Create a site hosted on hosting ucoz and becomes available for others to view.

For free site creation system also need to pre-register.It should be remembered that the username you entered when registering and will be the site name, iedomain name of the site will look like «».

After registration the user becomes available website builder.The system offers the right to choose the type of the future site: personal site, a commercial project, fan or blank template.Depending on the type of site system offers a set of functional modules.

next step in creating a site in the - is the choice of a suitable design and layout.The system offers various options for page layout to the elements, as well as a different color scheme and text fonts.The user gains access to the control panel and can edit all the blocks, add images, multimedia files.

Thus, to create a website for free - absolutely not difficult.Spending a few hours in the development of these systems, you can create a good website.However, in order to create a website for a business that is not just "hang out" in the network and to attract potential customers, it is better to turn to professionals.

Individual quality design, optimized content, compliance with all the requirements of the site and the nature of the business - these are just a few of the benefits that can be obtained by ordering the creation of a site in a professional web studio, such as web design studio WebStudio2U.

How to create a website for free?