Mobile Internet: the advantages and disadvantages Today, the mobile Internet is no longer a novelty.More and more owners of mobile devices (phones, laptops) use the services of the mobile Internet, because the connection to the "hospital" the Internet is not always possible.

Mobile Internet can be used to view the special WAP-site adapted for mobile devices and for wireless connection to the network of computers and laptops.In the latter case, the connection uses a special compact modem.

to access the mobile Internet operators use modern standards 2G-generation and the 3G-generation (GPRS, EDGE CDMA2000, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA).

as a modem, you can connect to your computer mobile phone that supports mobile internet service, or you can use for this purpose a separate device - USB-, PCMCIA- or ExpressCard-modem.

First of all, the mobile Internet is interesting for business people who are used to travel a lot - thanks to mobile Internet access to the network can be done from almost any corner of the planet.Freedom of movement - this is the main advantage

of mobile internet.

to connect to the mobile Internet is not necessary to cause a brigade masters and lay kilometers of cable - this is another plus of the mobile Internet.Setting up the PC to work with the mobile Internet does not cause any difficulties.

use the mobile Internet can be as long until the SIM-card has the money.Some operators provide a certain amount of traffic on credit.

When you connect to the mobile internet via mobile phone the ability to make outgoing and receive incoming calls remains.

However, there is the mobile Internet and a number of shortcomings.One of the biggest - is the high cost of services for low-speed connection compared to the "fixed" Internet.

Another drawback - poor quality of communication and the lack of cover.Depending on the distance to the antenna of the called party operator and the number of subscribers in its radius of action, the communication quality may be different.The closer a subscriber to the transmitting antenna and the less people are "slaughtered" channel, the less disruption happens when you connect.

especially failures often occur when connecting to the mobile Internet in the morning "rush hours" in the first half of the night, in fact, as a rule, the majority of operators of night tariffs much less day that provokes a huge influx of users.

To connect the modem to your PC may need special software, which increases the cost of the service.Additionally, such software may not be compatible with certain operating system versions.

Although today the mobile Internet provides the vast majority of mobile operators, the prices for these services remain high, and the connection speed is low.Therefore, use of the mobile Internet as a complete replacement of stationary for large volumes of consumed traffic unprofitable.

Mobile Internet: the advantages and disadvantages