How to install Windows 8 Many PC users have already managed to get acquainted with the list of functions of the new operating system Windows, and then think seriously about its installation, which is not surprising, because the description of the new attractive interface, unusual for previous versions of the system will intrigue anyone.In this article we will tell, how to install Windows 8 on your PC .First of all you will need

flash drive and the very image of the operating system .You also need to find out whether your computer (motherboard model) or laptop boot from USB-devices.Check it is very easy: just look at the hardware documentation or go in the BIOS, which should select Boot.In the event that this kind of boot is not supported, this is the first sign that your "hardware" urgent update.

distribution itself takes much more than 4 GB, so in order to successfully install Windows 8, you will need a flash drive, which amounts to a minimum of 8 GB .Also, be sure to need a working computer with Windows 7 or Windows Vista

, which will create a bootable flash drive.Remember that when you create flash drive will be subject to formatting, so be sure to copy all the important information from the flash drive in a safe place.You will also need a program DEAMON Tools , serving virtual disk emulator.

After connect the flash drive to your computer, you will need to run the command line, using administrator privileges .Go to the "Start" menu, in the search box type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

Next on the command line write DISKPART and press Enter.Then recruit LIST DISK and again press Enter, with the result that displays a list of disks on which you want to find out what number is the one under which the operating system includes a flash card.Suppose it Disk 1.

The next step is to format the flash drive.You need to register the following series of commands: «Select Disk 1», «Clean», «Create partition primary», «Select partition 1», «Action», «Format FS = NTFS» .Usually formatting does not take long, and after it you must enter «Assign» and «Exit» .Next

need to open the image in the virtual disk using the program DEAMON Tools or other emulator.Again we return to the command line where you want to type the name of the disk and put at the end of the colon, for example, F: .Then recruit CD Boot .Accordingly, in a folder F: \ Boot file is located bootsect.exe, run it to generate code loader prescribing bootsect.exe / nt60 G: , where G is the letter under which the flash drive.Now, a message appears stating that the loader was successfully created.

remains only copy all the DVD-ROM with the distribution of the stick.Now, finally, you can install Windows 8. Put the boot priority in the BIOS on a flash drive.After restarting the computer will automatically open a program, the operating system installer.

If you create a bootable USB flash drive for system Windows XP , then it, this process is slightly different.First of all, you will need a utility MBRWiz .After formatting the flash drive in the command line you need to dial Convert G: / FS: NTFS , where G - a letter which indicated the stick.Next, you need to run the file MBRWiz.exe, which will make unpacking of the utility in the specified folder, for example, C: \ MBRWIZ.Now you need to go to that folder, written in the command line CD C: \ MBRWIZ .

scored MBRWIZ / LIST .In the displayed list, you need to look at how the serial number on a computer flash drive is, for example, prescribes 1. Next: MBRWIZ / disk = 1 / active = 1 .After that, the bootloader code is formed the same way as for Windows 7 and Vista.Now that distribution can be copied to a flash drive.

program installer is friendly interface , which shows step by step installation process.Having read everything from the choice of language and confirm the license agreement.As the setting mode is recommended to choose Custom (advanced) , it is also desirable to reformat the drive on which will be installed.Then, as usual, will come up with the name of the computer, and specify user names.This is most necessary to successfully install Windows 8.

How to install Windows 8