Creating music on your PC Electronic music is today one of the most popular.In this article we will look making music on a computer : Briefly describe the necessary software, virtual instruments, plug-ins and the importance of sound bank.

Making music on a computer implies a series of special computer programs, the most popular of which is considered FL Studio (last Fruityloops).This software package has a very user friendly interface, which provides as writing individual tunes and their subsequent reduction.Among the most prominent users of the program FL Studio can be identified Ronald Jenkins , became famous thanks to the video on YouTube, as well as the Russian alternative group «Psyche» , which actively engages the electronics in his songs for almost 15 years.

In addition, the number of professional programs for creating music includes Sonar , has a large number of virtual instruments and an impressive range of liqueurs.It is also worth remembering about Cubase , which is primarily designed for mixing and mastering,

but if you set a number of additional plug-ins, it opens the possibility of an independent writing music tracks.

necessary to recall virtual synthesizer Nexus , thanks to which you can connect to the computer MIDI keyboard and use it as a controller.

is also worth noting that all of the programs, which is tasked with making music on a computer, to allow the installation of these various libraries and plug-ins to expand the range of its features.Such programs are used not only musicians, electronics, and adherents of the game on a real musical instrument.The computer they need, for example, for typing and playing the drums , that sometimes it is very convenient, because a real acoustic drum set occupy much space and produces a huge amount of noise.Furthermore, standard libraries of music editors already have built-in set rhythmic drum patterns, under which the game is much more convenient and more pleasant than a boring metronome clicks.

On the Internet there is a huge number of lessons to create music on a computer, depending on the software and versions.You can even find a video tutorial which clearly shows which options you need to change in order to achieve a particular sound effect.

Today, there are quite a many genres of electronic music , which differ, as a rule, a certain set of virtual musical instruments and tempo.For example, one of the most popular styles is dubstep, which uses the rate of about 140 beats per minute, and the so-called roach-bass (wobble-bass), has a low sound.

As a conclusion we can say that before you begin making music on your computer, you must define the virtual studio , that is, choose a program that is called a sequencer.Recommended read more reviews of this software is to know which packages are your favorite musicians, and then make the final choice that will suit you best.The second thing that you will need, - lessons .Swing them as much as possible and preferably by different authors, then it will be possible to compare different approaches to operations and to use the most convenient and effective.Be sure to come in handy so-called VSTi-tools (virtual instruments) and a set of sounds that have referred samples .Also, do not forget about the plug-ins that significantly improve sound quality and make it less "plastic".

Creating music on your PC