How to install Skype Skype is the leader in providing video telephony.In addition to video calling thanks to this technology, you can easily exchange text messages, transfer files, as well as calls to landlines or mobile phones.This wide range of functions contributes to the popularity.Therefore, new users of the Internet are often the question arises, how to install Skype .

You must first make account on the official website.The procedure for its creation is nothing complicated: you must enter your name, e-mail, some personal data, as well as to come up with a login and password.All entries will necessarily come to you by e-mail with a link to confirm your registration.On it will be necessary to go, then you will be returned to the site.Now we can assume that you have successfully completed the registration process.

Next, you need to download the program itself .To do this on the official website to select the menu item "Download Skype┬╗, where you will need to choose from a list of the operating system on which you wan

t to install Skype.File distribution is usually called SkypeSetup.exe.After downloading, run it, and proceed directly to the installation.

first appeared box to select the language , which for convenience we recommend to choose Russian.After a window in which to install Skype, you will need to choose the path of the installation.Also at this point, you can create an icon on your desktop and start the program in the startup list of the operating system, in addition, you can read the license agreement.Next you need to click "I agree", and then automatically shaken full version of Skype and its installation will occur.

After that you will see a special window authorization , in which you will enter your login and password, invented during registration on the official website.At the bottom of the window, you can enable automatic authentication at startup Skype, as well as to start automatically when the computer program, which is very convenient if you are going to use this program every day.

The very first time you run Skype software will prompt you to download profile picture or make it with the help of a webcam.In a special window will be to test the camera and microphone, as well as add friends from social networks.To this window does not pop up every time you start, you need to tick the box marked 'Do not show this message in the future. "

In general, setting application is very simple and intuitive , so no problems with further work should arise.The program is cross-platform and works fine under Linux, Windows, Mac, as well as for Android and Symbian.

As you can see, quite easy to install Skype, for it is only necessary to have a computer with Internet access.It should be noted that registration and the program is absolutely free .Pay with Skype are calls to landline and mobile phones, the mandrel SMS-messages and creating video conferences, which are attended by three people.The only thing that is not the role of this program as a means of communication - a emergency call, ie Skype is not a replacement for regular phones.For more information on the program functions, prices and technical support can be found on her official website.

How to install Skype