How to install a font in Windows The Windows operating system comes with a huge number of different fonts.However, it is often necessary to add a new font that you may need when working with both text and graphics.In this article we will tell, how to install fonts in Windows .

First, you need to download from the Internet font file .Today there are many sites related to fonts and font design.In front of the downloading, make sure that the source from which you are downloading, you can trust.Basically font files stored in the archive, so make sure before installation unpacking.Also, be aware that not all fonts are Cyrillic, some contain only Latin characters.

Usually, font files use the extension TTF (True Type Fonts).This format was developed in 1980 by Apple, and today it is used in many operating systems.In addition, can find the font files with the extensions FON and TTC .

to install a font in Windows 7, XP or Vista, you must enter the menu «Start» , where select «Control Panel» .You will see a window in which you need to cl

ick on a folder «Fonts» .We go into it, and then click on the menu item «File» , in which we choose «Set font» .In the dialog box, select the required drive that hosts the print and specify the required path.In the "Font list" will be displayed list of files with TTF, FON, and TTC, which are in the selected folder.From this list, select the font that we want to add, and press the button «Set» .

also install a font in Windows, you can in other ways.Just click on font file, right-click, the context menu , which should select "Install".There will be the same installation procedure.

there a third way.It should again through the Control Panel open the Fonts folder, which should be just drag with the mouse, hold the left mouse button on it, the font file .You will see a window in which to confirm the setting.

It is worth noting that all the fonts are on the computer at C: \ Windows \ Fonts .Therefore, to install and can simply copy files to this folder required font.

After installation procedure, you can use the font.He will appear in all programs in which there is a choice of font.They are purely all Microsoft Office versions, applications Adobe, Corel and others.

Finally you need to tell, how to delete a font .The reason for this can serve as a very large number of installed fonts that you do not use.In addition, several hundred extra fonts can increase the load time is not only some specific programs, but the entire operating system.

also go to the folder with fonts by name where we choose the font that you want to delete.Call it the context menu using the right mouse button, which select the item "delete".A dialog box appears to confirm.However, when removing must be careful, as many fonts are used by the operating system , these include: Times New Roman, Arial, Courier New, Wingdings, Symbol, MS Serif and MS Sans Serif.

How to install a font in Windows