How to record music on a computer Many wonder, how to record music on a computer .It is especially interesting to those who play on any musical instrument and writes music.These people, sooner or later there is a desire to listen to his works from, or even put your own record in social networks, so that they can assess the friends and strangers.

Windows operating system has built-in software for recording audio , it can be used to record audio clips no longer than one minute, but the program has almost no any settings.Therefore, this option should be postponed once.

is also worth noting the program Sony Sound Forge .The program is paid and quite outdated (the last version was released in November 2010), but it is still used on some radio stations to record transmissions.Maybe the program Sound Forge is quite a lot.With it you can cut and edit audio tracks in a program built a large number of different effects, such as a digital delay, noise cancellation, reverb, and many others.

larger software packages that let you record music on

a computer, are Nuendo and Cubase , created by Steinberg.Nuendo is a professional program for the nonlinear sound installation that is capable of working with the very different audio formats.In turn, the program Cubase originally designed to work with MIDI-files and audio files as well as audio recording in CD and DVD.Over time, the program appeared to record and edit audio tracks.However, both programs are paid by Steinberg.

from free software the first thing that can be recommended, - Audacity .The program is cross-platform and works fine under Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX-like systems.Opportunity she was not inferior to paid programs.With Audacity audio editing, you can record from line-in, microphone and other sources.There is also a possibility to listen to all the recorded tracks simultaneously. the presence of multi-channel sound card, you can record from 16 sources simultaneously .In addition, the program simple and intuitive interface on which there are all the necessary indicators and parameter controls.

As for the drivers, for the ability to record sound using special software has been developed ASIO4all - sound driver, which is distributed for free.

Finally you need to tell a little about the hardware.To record music on a computer, you will need a sound card .Of course you can get an integrated, but the recording quality is poor.It is worth noting that the company Line6 engaged in the production of portable external sound card, designed for connection to the USB-connector.Such devices are very popular with musicians because they contribute well to write drafts of songs.If you want to record an electric guitar, is taken into account that the modern digital guitar processors can also be connected to a computer via USB-connector and use them as sound cards.

Also, do not forget to buy quality cords , as in the recording process, they play an important role.Try to use as little as possible adapters , because they create too much resistance, in which there are significant delays, which adversely affects the records.

How to record music on a computer