How to remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox? search engine Webalta notorious because of its way to promote: site without the knowledge or consent of the user can be set as your homepage and default search engine in the browser.What if this happened to your browser Mozilla Firefox?How to remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox?

The most obvious way to remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox seems to change the usual home page.But after restarting the browser it turns out that nowhere obsession Home not go away.In this case it is necessary to act more radical methods - edit the configuration file user.js .

Typically, this file is located at the following address:

C: \\ Documents and Settings \ Imya_tekuschego_polzovatelya \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ xxxxxxxx.default ( instead of xxxxxxxx is a random combination of letters and numbers , individually for each computer).

Note that Documents and Settings folder may be hidden , so you will need to pre-enable the display of hidden files and folders.If the system is you

do not have to drive C, and the other section, Documents and Settings folder will need to look at the system disk and not on drive C.

So, in the specified folder, find the file user.js and open it with a text editor, for example, Notepad (right click, select "Open With" and the list of programs, click Notepad, check "Always use the selected program to open these files" to put it is not necessary).

open a file, locate the line in which the record is found _http // .Replace it with the address of your preferred home page (for example,, or

If you want to instead of the home page to open the net tab, you need to enter in this line about: blank .If you use add-on for creating visual bookmarks and Speed ​​Dial are accustomed to use it as a start page, enter the following text string: chrome: //speeddial/content/speeddial.xul .

Save and close the file.

should also be in the same folder check file prefs.js .Open it with Notepad, locate the line in which you found the familiar post _http //, change it at the same address as the home page, which you have entered in the previous file, and save the changes.

If you are afraid to miss the desired line, you can use the AutoCorrect .To do this, click the Notepad "File" select "Replace" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H. In the line "What", enter the text _http //, in the line "What" - the desired address of the home page, then click the button "Replace All. "

desirable before editing save copies of files and user.js prefs.js in a separate folder or on a flash drive in the event that if you edit something wrong and need to return everything to its original appearance.

Now you can change the home page in a browser .To do this, click "Tools", select "Settings".In the Settings window, click on the tab "Basic" and find the line "Homepage".Enter the URL to the website that you want to make the home page (the same one you entered when editing the file user.js and prefs.js), then click OK.

In any case can check the registry and browser shortcut properties .To edit the registry, click "Start" then "Run", type regedit, and then click OK.In the Registry Editor, click "Edit", select "Find" and in the search bar, type webalta.At the end of the search, delete the values ​​found.Note that all manipulations with the registry you are performing at your own risk , so if you are unsure of your actions - better to do nothing.

to view the properties of the shortcut right-click on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut on the desktop and select "Properties".In the Properties window, click the tab "Shortcut" and note the string "Object".There should be written:

"C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe"

If instead you see the text of the form "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe" http: //, safely remove excess text and click "Apply" and then "OK".

Now you know, how to remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox .Hopefully obsession Home will not bother you anymore.

How to remove Webalta of Mozilla Firefox?