How to remove a computer VKSaver In order to download music and video from social networking site Vkontakte, there is a program VKSaver.However, there are situations when you need to uninstall this program.About that, how to remove a computer VKSaver , we describe in this article.Today

social network Vkontakte is the most popular in the CIS countries.You can use it to chat with friends, make new acquaintances and share music, videos and even full-length films.Social network itself does not allow downloading of audio and video, so it is not surprising that there were programs for the implementation of such downloads.One of these software packages is VKSaver .

should also talk about the features of this program.First of all, it should be noted the download speed, which depends on the work of the ISP.Also, using VKSaver can watch videos or listen to audio through a special player.In addition, you can download multiple files simultaneously without queuing, and most importantly - program can be downloaded for free .

need to remove from your computer VKSaver , usually occurs due to improper operation of the social network and quite often you see a 404-error, which indicates the absence of a particular page.

VKSaver To remove from your computer, you need to enter the menu «Start» , choose "All Programs", click on the folder «Launch VKSaver» , where you should select «Remove VKSaver» .A dialog box appears in which you need to confirm the removal procedure.

There is a second method.The menu «Start» must log in «Control Panel» , then select the section «Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features» (in Windows Vista and 7).Next you need to select the list of installed programs VKSaver .

In the event that the first two methods do not eliminate all traces of programs from your computer, you will need application that can work with the registry of the operating system .These packages are CCleaner and Glary Utilities .These programs are free, and they both were translated into Russian, and thanks to a convenient and intuitive interface, each user can easily understand how to use them.

essence of these applications is to troubleshoot the system of all possible errors that affect computer performance and operation of the software.In addition, the program CCleaner and Glary Utilities excellent job with the removal of temporary files that are created during web surfing.This feature facilitates faster the Internet browsers.

also need to say that cleaning the registry can be made without the use of third-party programs .Enter the menu «Start» and select «Run» (or you can just use the keyboard shortcut Windows + R).You will see a command line where you want to write «regedit» and click «OK».Open the Registry Editor, where you should enter the menu «Edit» and select «Search» (or press Ctrl + F).In the window that appears, enter the key «vksaver» and remove all references to it is displayed as on the request there will be no record.Make sure after cleaning the registry, restart the computer.

As you could see, VKSaver remove from your computer pretty easily.We hope, given advice not cause any difficulties.

How to remove a computer VKSaver