How to lock the card Savings Bank?

In the case of lost or stolen credit card is necessary to take all measures for its early lock to people who found her were unable to use your money. It's very easy to do even without knowing PIN-code card, for example to pay online any products or services. A prompt card lock is usually interfere anxious feelings are a natural reaction to the sudden discovery of the loss, especially if a card also disappeared in an unknown direction, and even personal documents. Nevertheless, you need to pull yourself together and start just with the card lock.


How to block a card of Sberbank
Depending on what features currently you have this can be done in various ways.
  1. Call the toll-free number 8-800-5555550, put the phone to tone dialing after the beginning of the information on the answering machine, press the extension number 1. As a result of this action, you will be connected with the serving operator of the bank, which will request a code word to identify you as the owner cards, specified in the contract for banking
    services. If a code word called correctly, then the operator will specify which card you want to lock in those cases when they are released and produce few card lock.
  2. When connected services "Mobile bank" card lock can be made via cell phone by sending an SMS to a special form number 900. SMS message should have the following format:
    LOCK 1234 1

    where LOCK - command instead which can be used words BLOKIROVKA, BLOCK, 03;
    1234 - the last four digits of your card engraved on its face;
    1 - the reason for blocking.

    There are four standard reasons for blocking the card:
    0 - the card is lost;
    1 - card is stolen;
    2 - ATM card is not returned;
    3 - other reason.

    This message is recommended to prepare in advance and store the cell phone to a possible loss in the card, you have only to send it to the number 900 and thus quickly block it.

    In response to this request, the bank will send a reply SMS message containing the six-digit confirmation code lock, which is within 5 minutes it is necessary to send back to the number 900 in an SMS.

    After receiving the bank proper verification code you will be sent another SMS message now informative nature , which would indicate that "the map is locked ," or written reason for which a lock request is rejected .
  3. If you have a computer with access to the Internet and the connected Internet banking services "Sberbank Online" block the card, you can use a personal account in the system.

    To do this, open the official site of Sberbank and click the link to the service "Sberbank SHC @ ah."

    the transition to the the transition to the "Sberbank Online"

    Enter in the appropriate boxes your ID and password and click "Next".
    Confirm the input one-time password to check or SMS-password entered on your phone when connected to the service "Mobile Banking".

    box querying password confirmationbox querying password confirmation

    The home page will be given your card active.

    start operation card lockstart operation card lock

To use all the facilities services "Mobile bank " and " Sberbank Online " , including if the need arises , and in terms of blocking cards , be sure to take care of in advance of connection. To do this, do not necessarily apply to employees of the Savings Bank , as these services can be connected via self-service devices , inserting them my card and entering the PIN- code .