Dependence on food For many food - it's just a tool that gives you the strength and energy to live.Of course, there are foodies who try to have only the best food.But there are people who fall into dependence on food .For them, the favorite food becomes a real drug.Soviet country will tell you what food addiction and how it can be combated.

dependence on food may feel anyone .We all tend to to pamper yourself with something tasty.Especially strongly manifested this dependence on food during the holidays, when we can not stop until it was devastated by a refrigerator.In another way it is impossible, because there is our favorite (and so tasty) meal.Remember that strange feeling when the legs if they themselves go to the fridge?But food-dependent people experience this feeling constantly.

Recent studies have shown that people dependent on food can be compared to drug addicts .The fact is that in fact, and in another case, a dysfunction of dopamine receptors.Dopamine - a chemical which is produced in the brain.It plays

a very important role in the system of "encouraging" brain.It dopamine causes feelings of pleasure.Obese people who are dependent on food, dopamine receptors located in the brain are much smaller than those who do not suffer food addiction.The same low number of receptors is also observed in drug addicts.The result is that dependent on something people can not enjoy the simple things.They always need the makeup product that will satisfy them.In the case of dependence on food - a favorite product.

But not all as bad as you might in fact. dependence on food can fight .This can and must do it yourself.Tell me more, how to overcome the dependence on food.

There are a few rules that you must abide by , so that your food addiction is no longer bother you.You can not go to the countermeasures and completely exclude your favorite food.This will cause a stress, to overcome which will be practically impossible.Always start small.

To start stop storing large stocks of food at home .Everything that you have saved for a "rainy day" should be distributed or thrown away.But here at home this food can not be stored.If you know that the house has something good to eat, you will be impossible to resist and not to eat this product.

Another rule that you should always follow: is not to buy extra food .If you go to the store, you must first make a list on which you need to purchase products.Do not leave a single step from the list.Also, do not go to the store "just for a minute" to see that there may be sold delicious.And another thing: when you shop counters try to get round with chocolate chips and other foods, which you can have a snack at any time.

learn not to bite every time you feel a slight feeling of hunger .Be patient before lunch or dinner, when you can eat normally.For you, it is very important to learn to distinguish real hunger from the psychological desire something to eat.To learn this, you can mentally imagine the saturation scale, where 1 means hunger, and 10 - supersaturation.You should always be avoided and that, and the other extreme.When you feel you have fed finish food intake.

not seize the stress, boredom or frustration favorite food .It is better to try to get rid of such feelings through music, movies, socializing with other people.Also it does not hurt to do sports.Sports excite normal appetite and discipline.

You can also learn how to deceive himself.Since completely abandon your favorite foods, you should not, need to reduce the amount of consumption .You can either agree with him that the favorite food is now as a reward for your accomplishments, or just learn to eat small portions.For example, do not eat the whole packet of biscuits at once, and only two pechenyushki.Starting to use small plates and cups.That is how you will automatically reduce the consumption of food.After some time, a small portion will be perceived by the brain as a matter of course.

Remember that dependence on food - this particular state in which you can learn positive emotions .Try to develop, put new goals, convictions.And you will see that the positive emotions you can get not only the consumption of your favorite foods.

Dependence on food