Vodonaeva and Borodin had a party

Alain Vodonaeva socialite Ksenia Borodina and recently visited on a visit at Isa Dolmatova.Together with Xenia at a party attended by her current fiance Eid Omarov.

Vodonaeva Borodin and once again proved that since participation in the reality show, they still retain a good friendship.The girls decided to go to Ayse Dolmatova, which staged a cheerful gatherings.Curiously, the hostess was not alone, but with her ex-husband, a famous rapper Gufom.The couple recently started dating again after a loud divorce and now they are fine.Only Vodonaeva was alone at the party.It is not known whether there was a TV presenter new love, she also has nothing Alain wrote in his blog about his personal life.But she shared a few photos with the parties, one of which is signed simply and succinctly: "The series Friends."Photos really very similar to the frame of the famous American TV series.

Recall that in September Ksenia Borodina marries Kurban Omarov.Vodonaeva shared that already looks a dress for such a solemn oc


Vodonaeva and Borodin had a party