In today's master class will we do with living a pretty ring rose petals, which at any time of the year we will be reminded of the summer.Such a decoration you can give someone close, it would be a great gift, keeping your hands warm.

We need the following materials:

  • epoxy resin and hardener
  • sticks for stirring
  • dried rose
  • cup
  • cap
  • syringes
  • stand
  • gloves
  • respirator

Warning!Use a respirator and gloves necessarily as toxic epoxy resin during its hardening.You should also work with the window open.If you wish, you can use the goggles.In the absence of specific, you can use regular glasses.

Step by Step:

  1. First we begin to mix epoxy resin and hardener according to instructions.Our resin proportion of 3: 1. Then the mixture is left for about 30 minutes so it thickens a bit and released all the bubbles
  2. While resin infused, make our stand for the ring.To do this, we take the unnecessary box and makes a hole the size of a base ring.
  3. next step - preparing the petals.To do this, tak
    e a rose and very neatly torn off petal by petal. Important!Rose should be completely dried.If it is not a little dried - the product just "bloom» ...
  4. Then take the prepared rack and insert our foundation ring. basis for the ring should not fit tightly to the stand that no epoxy glue them to each other. Epoxy resin ready for use.
  5. First gently pour a small amount of the mixture onto the substrate.Is set aside for 20 minutes to make it a little bit stuck, so it will be easier to work with.
  6. After the desired time, we begin to lay the petals.
  7. Then a thin layer of epoxy resin, as shown in the photo. and leave for 10-15 minutes. If you do not like the way the petals are, then you can fix them in the right way, the resin is not frozen.
  8. The next step is the application of a larger amount of resin, so that our product is not too fragile petals and well-kept.
  9. Then we lay out to dry our ring cap.For this purpose we use a plastic container for products.And now we leave resin a day or two to harden.Setting time depends of the manufacturer, the temperature of the air from the house and you have kneaded resin.


  • If the resin is not frozen, it means that you have it mixed up in the wrong aspect ratio, ie,not according to instructions.We'll have to do everything again.
  • If the resin still have bubbles after you leave it for a while, you should put the glass to the resin in hot water for a few minutes.It will come out all bubbles.
  • If you manufacture jewelry resin flowed over the edge of the base, in this case, the excess can be removed by using the same sticks for mixing, or wait for the full point and remove them using stationery knife.