Olympus E-420 Besides improved functionality this camera E-System equipped with simple and intuitive interface, all in an incredibly compact and lightweight body.

camera ensures excellent results no matter what level you are fotomasterstva.

28 shooting modes, including automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes, provide excellent flexibility, ease of management and sohoanyaya all the benefits of an SLR camera.

Powerful sensor with a resolution 10.0 megapixels delivers crisp, detailed shots.Additionally, it helps in the graphics processor TruePic III with Shadow Adjustment Technology.This ensures excellent "live" pictures with low noise.Continuous shooting at 3.5 frames per second allows you to make up to 8 frames in RAW .

To protect against dust the camera is equipped with a Supersonic Wave Filter - the development of Olympus cameras installed in all E-System, and is the most effective solution to the problem of dust on the sensor.

completely intuitive

E-420 presents the rich functionality is so simple

that virtually anyone can get an outstanding result.Thanks to LiveView possible crop on a large display with a diagonal of 2.7 '' / 6.9sm technology HyperCrystal II , which provides 100% field of view and allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and color reproduction.

preview function allows real-time to see the effect of camera settings including exposure, white balance, gradation and picture mode.Moreover, you can appreciate the depth of the display field and the effect of the work Face Detection Technology and Shadow Adjustment Technology.It is also possible to increase the picture framing is displayed in the 7 or 10 times.This is especially useful when focusing manually during macro shooting.

The autofocus also been amended.In addition to the autofocus detection of the phase difference E-420 is equipped and contrast AF system.This is particularly useful, because now in the mode Live View there is no need to lower the mirror.And, it is also important effect autofocus displayed in real time on the monitor screen.

built-in flash adds to this camera even more flexibility.And support for wireless control of external flash units (up to three groups) displays the versatility of this model to a new level.Using the camera with the new wireless flash FL-36R and FL-50R optimally adjust lighting.And thanks to the range of sensitivity of the ISO 100 to 1600 E-420 remains a reliable companion even when lighting is not good enough, or in situations where the flash can not be used.

38 menu languages ​​provide easy setup the camera, no matter what language you speak.Interface USB 2.0 (Hi - Speed) ensures fast data transmission and powerful battery allows a long shoot.

Part semeychtva E-System

E-420 sovmesovmestima with almost all accessories E-System .Built on standard 4/3, these accessories open the door to a huge room for experimentation, without causing a negative impact on the quality of the images.For example, all lenses have a standard 4/3 near telecentric construction, which provides excellent quality across the frame.

Moreover, the standard allows for an incredibly compact cameras and lenses.This advantage is clearly implemented in the camera E-420, one of the smallest and lightest digital SLR cameras.Also, we have developed a new lens, the so-called "pancake".Incredibly compact lens ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm 1: 2.8 (equiv. 50mm to 35mm) will be an excellent addition to the E-420.

To reinforce the emphasis on the elegant design of the camera bag has been designed in a retro-style fixed to the base of the camera.It is made of leather and is available in two colors, black and brown.