Pergola with their hands Pergola will be a wonderful decoration for your garden, nice green area, which will protect you from the scorching sun in the summer heat.What is the pergola?Can you do it yourself?Today in the Soviet Union - pergola with their hands .

Pergola is a design and typesetting consists of repeating sections of the arches, which are interconnected by transverse beams .But homemade pergola is often a frame where the uprights supporting the roof crossbars, because to do on their own arc arch is quite difficult.Pergola can be a separate structure (for example, serve as a pergola on the patio), and part of the building (a canopy over the outdoor terrace).

So, how to create a pergola with their hands?To begin with the selection of materials.If you decide to purchase a ready-made arches, you can choose products from plastic or metal.But usually pergola created their own, made out of hardwood .You can combine wood and brick (concrete) horizontal wooden beams will be supported by brick or concrete pillars.

To begin, draw a plan for future pergolas, given its size .Typically, the height of pergolas does not exceed 2.5 meters, to climbers could get up to the roof of her.Standard width - about half a meter.Decide where the pergola will be.It must be installed on level ground, the base can be anything: ground, sand, grass, gravel, concrete, can pave the ground paving tiles or stone.

Pergola consists of struts, transverse and lateral beams, as well as trellis panels , on which plants will curl.Racks and beams are wooden beams, wherein the cross section of the support legs to be 3-5 cm higher than the cross beams.

Hedge panels can be made of light wooden slats or wire mesh , it depends including what kind of plants you want to use for vertical landscaping pergolas.For light clematis enough grid, heavier plants need wooden slats.

All wooden elements pergolas need to handle special antiseptic solution , pergola ready to not yield to the sun, moisture and microorganisms.

First you need to determine where they will be positioned vertical beams.Dig a hole under them 60 cm deep, to gain in-depth strengthen the supporting pillars using rubble or concrete.

When the concrete dries and supports will be permanently fixed, fix requires horizontal beams with screws, clamps or brackets.To create a more robust design, you can use finger joints.To this end, scored in the end the end of the reference beam spike should be inserted into a prepared hole of the side beam at a right angle.

upper cross beams are fixed on the upper part of the side bars using nails.Beams should be placed at the same distance.To better withstand the pressure connection of the wind, you need to drive nails at a right angle.

If you want, to your pergola with their hands had a neat design , in the upper part of the side beams can be made to deepen in the form of the Latin letter V. These recesses need to put the ends of the cross bars, fixing them with nails.

Finally, to the side surfaces need to attach a pergola trellis panel .If you are using wooden planks, they can come directly to the support posts.A wire mesh can be fixed with metal staples.Panels need to fix at a certain distance from the ground to prevent corrosion or rotting.

Of course, this is only the general scheme of construction of pergolas, you can show imagination and change the design .To keep your pergola with their hands out beautiful, it is important to be careful and accurate follow all sizes.

Pergola with their hands