Samsung Evolution SC8796 Vacuums Samsung Evolution - it's a real step forward, a step towards a more modern, more powerful and effective products.Take a look into the future of home appliances with vacuum cleaners Samsung.

Universal brush for 3 operations

We know that most people are willing to do anything, but not cleaning his apartment.That's why we invented a universal brush, which can be used to perform 3 cleaning procedures.This brush glides back and forth and easily collect dust.

Its unique double hinge system enables almost came close brush to the floor and did not miss a single speck of dust.Possibility of cleaning dust in corners and other hard to reach places do 3-way brush indispensable element of vacuum cleaners Samsung.

Always clean air

Samsung vacuum cleaners to clean the air passing through the vacuum cleaner, a particulate filter using HEPA.Trapping the microparticles of dust and other allergens, HEPA filters provide a clean and healthy environment in the room.

high efficiency air cleaning using HEP
A filters is awarded a certificate of German institute SLG, which is being tested household appliances.

Samsung Evolution SC8796 increased container capacity

Performance vacuum cleaner depends on the capacity of the dust collector.The larger the dust, the longer the vacuum cleaner works without requiring purification.However, vacuum cleaners Dust capacity is often too large and uncomfortable.

Samsung has solved this problem by modifying the vacuum chamber device.The unique design of Multi Chamber Plus + TM enabled more efficiently use the inner space of the body and dust increase by more than 20%.

Technology Multi Chamber Plus + ™.Constant suction power

Step 1. Air enters the central compartment and the centrifugal force due to large dust particles are separated and deposited.

Step 2. Next to 4X small side compartments occurs sifting fine dust particles.

Step 3. The purified air goes through the filter.The unique design of the container suction ostoetsya constant throughout all cleaning

effective cleaning thanks to the technology Multi Chamber Plus + ™

advanced design Multi Chamber Plus + TM prevents clogging of the vacuum cleaner, the main problem, because of which decreases suction power.Special system creates a powerful intake air circulation, during which air is removed from dust particles.

then remaining microscopic particles are removed in a series of chambers.As a result, cleaning becomes more efficient.

Samsung Evolution SC8796 Silent cleaning

all love to the house was clean, but nobody likes the noise emitted by running a vacuum cleaner.Unique technology to reduce operating noise in a vacuum cleaner Samsung allow so reduce noise running vacuum cleaner and cleaning the room turns into a nearly silent procedure.

Now you will not disturb your family and neighbors during the cleaning of the apartment.They can quietly watch TV, talk on the phone while you are doing the cleaning.

washable filter

premotor washable filter that is easy to remove and check its status, saving you time and effort.

Samsung Evolution SC8796


power control knob with IR control Yes
Power control on the handle No
power regulator on the body No
Filtering premotor filter Micro filter
output filter HEPA H13
indicator Dust bag full indicator Yes
Color cover of the dust Black + Pink
The main nozzle Universal brush (Deluxe / Plus / Smart) 3X-sectional brush
2 position.Brush (metal / 2 pos.) No
Universal brush No
tube aluminum telescopic Yes
steel telescopic No
2-cell No
tips included set of nozzles Power Pet Plus / Power pet / Pet No
parquet nozzle Yes
for polishing floor No
nozzle flax No
nozzle flax No
Other features Super Turbin
method of collecting dust type (with a bag / bagless dust) Without dust bag
Performance Specifications Power consumption, Vt. 2000
suction power, Vt. 360
Noise level, dBA 74
capacity dust collector, l. 2
Accessories crevice nozzle Yes
nozzle for cleaning dust Yes
Nozzle for upholstery Yes
Other features No
Features CycloneFilter No
Filter Silver Nano Yes
digital signal Yes
LED display Yes
Auto No
generator negativeions (Bionizer) No
Corner pipe No
UV light for disinfection of air No
Width of cleaning (mm) 300
Cord length (m) 9
Radius, m 12,5
Turn the hose on the 360? Yes
Avt.obratnaya Cord Yes
rubber wheels Yes
protection from damaging furniture Yes
Box Color
Dimensions Product dimensions (Internal block WxDxH, mm) 275x290x460
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD, mm) 340x359x614
Net Weight, kg 6,5
Gross kg 11,1