Paul Ekman. new book by Paul Ekman, could be called the second volume of the acclaimed bestseller, "Psychology of lies."This is a book-sequel book, "trainer", a book-decoding.

You'll notice if someone is pretending to be surprised?And if someone is afraid, but wants to look angry, you see the power of it?

Rich lots of carefully selected pictures and special exercises, this book will allow you to accurately detect lies, instantly reading the faces of emotions as genuine, and "simulated".

joy, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, disgust - there is no escape from your attentive gaze.Improve your skills to protect themselves from fraud at work and at home.Paul Ekman skill will serve you well!

About the Author Paul Ekman - a prominent American psychologist, Professor, University of California, the largest specialist in the psychology of emotions, interpersonal communication, psychology and recognition lies.

Professor Ekman is known throughout the world and as the inspirer of the popular TV series "Lie to Me" ("Lie to

me"), as well as a prototype of its main character, Dr. Lightman.In 2009 the magazine "Time" included Paul Ekman in the list of 100 most influential people in the world.