Allan and Barbara Pease. new book by Allan and Barbara Pease is written on the basis of their famous bestseller "Body Language", the first first published in 1978, and then translated into 48 languages ​​and variance huge circulations.

total number of copies sold has exceeded 20 million.

Unlike the previous version of the book is now the most popular and authoritative textbook in the world, "read the thoughts of others suffered" absolutely affects all aspects of personal and professional life of any person.

authors have significantly expanded and supplemented edition, the book has appeared a lot of photos of world celebrities, which in this case is used as a sort of "training aids".No gesture did not go unnoticed!

facial expressions, posture, mannerisms, gait, look - complete transcript of all movements, which can easily unravel the true thoughts and feelings of other people - a new best-seller world-renowned psychologists!"Read any person as a book" ...